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Lost my job. Now what?

Have officially been sacked. It was for a number of reasons but I do feel like my illness has played a big part since it makes me unable to perform certain aspects of the job I had (nursery nurse). I wasn't going to stay there long term anyway because some days I just couldn't do it, but now I feel completely helpless.

My manager suggested I could get some sort of sickness benefit, but the problem I have is that I don't think any health professional would deem me unfit for work, I'm just unfit for a physical job like in the nursery. Obviously I can try and look for a desk job or something, but I'm 23 with very limited experience outside of childcare.

Sorry for the moan but have no idea what to do =( Hope you're all well and as pain-free as possible.

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Aw Hun i have no experience other than child care with small children. I completely understand how you cant do certain parts of the job. You could go on job seekers allowance for now whilst you look for another jib i have been trying for the past year and nothing that has no experience needed that is safe and not doing door to door as I'm not a strong enough person for that. Has come up for me everything i have tried to apply for like asda or Tesco ect. Have just said no to me. Its very difficult Hun and if you ever need a chat or rant just pm me.


You need to seek advice from your union or local CAB to see if you were unfairly dismissed. You can't just sack someone for time off due to ill health there are procedures they should've taken to help you to preform your duties.


I agree with EJT01. That sounds highly unfair. But if your experience is in childcare why don't you maybe seek a course at college where it allows you to teach childcare as opposed to being in the classroom? X


Look out for jobs as a part time teaching assistant in primary schools- they are often looking for help with nursery and reception age kids. I lost my job too..and lost the house I had bought many years before...and moved back in with my parents.

I was only entitled to JSA despite at the time being unwell and as yet undiagnosed.

Definitely speak the CAB and your local benefits office asap to get any JSA you are entitled to. Sadly being sacked does limit your re-employment options too.

So many companies want to know why you were terminated from your previous employer, which can be a real burden.


My official letter says it's because of 'numerous complaints from parents and frequent time off.' Well, as for complaints, I was only told about one yesterday and know nothing about any others so I'm not sure about that, and even mentioning time off seems suspicious to me. The thing is, I've been there 9 months, in which time I've had one day off with an unrelated illness, two weeks recovering from my lap, and one day where I was in so much pain I rang my boss and she told me to go and see GP and later gave me this day as holiday (so technically cannot be counted as absence).

I'd already discussed my plans to leave and find a more suitable job for me, and I think she found my illness unreliable as I have good days and bad days with it and was looking for a reason to get rid of me to be honest.

I don't want to fight for the job back, but a dismissal like that is going to make any other job prospects difficult because employers will want to know about it and may just see that I've had time off and not bother finding out why.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I wish there was more support out there for all us endo sufferers.


We get penalised Hun because people don't understand it they just think its period pain when its not. Its far more than that. I hope you manage to get sorted Hun. Just before Christmas its the last thing you need.


Thanks chick. I really don't need the stress of worrying about a job when I'm so fed up with the pain and GP is being useless. Back to the hospital next month!


I really think you should appeal, not for the job if you don't want it but they can't dismiss you like that for being ill. Especially as this impacts future jobs. They probably don't expect you to appeal, but look in to your options. Also, if somebody had complained previously they would have needed to mention to you beforehand, and can't just use that as part of the reason to sack you. They would have had to give you time to improve etc. It all sounds a bit weird to me. I would certainly seek advice! Hope you are ok and it isn't getting you down too much. Fight back if you can! Xx


Aww no that's awful for a start she should have followed the complaints procedure if there was complaints, first one is verbal warning. Regarding sickness of endometriosis is under equal opportunities disability discrimination act etc so related illness cant be counted as part of your sickness record against you, only non related illness can be recorded for sickness discipline procedure. I would go to CAB for advise I understand you don't want to go back but compensation would be useful. Also take copy of letter when you sign on jsa as they will help with suitable jobs and there follow some things like this up xxx


Omg I'm so angry reading dis. Employment law is so rubbish in dis country and it's an employers market out there at the moment so dey no they can treat people like crap and get away with it.

My hubby got sacked a few years ago and cab said dere was nothing he could do as he had not been employed by them for 12months. However he did not have a disability he is just not very good at being told wat to do.

I lost my last job due to illness even tho I'd been with them for years before I got ill and in my current job if I'm off sick again they will discipline me which I know translates to were trying to sack u cos ur ill.

You really should fight this simply because it's ur reputation. And try find another career dats a little less physical. The teaching post someone mentioned earlier sounds ideal.

Or maybe it's okay to stay doing wat u do u just need a new job where ur employer is not such a bitch.


Hi, did you receive a verbal and a written warning relating to the cause of the sacking, prior to being sacked?

I just remember d your situation and realised i had missed your update and didn't realise you were sacked.

This smacks of discrimination. However, it's probably not worth fighting them in a tribunal, as not sure about the time frames and you may as well focus on finding a job more suitable. Any thoughts on what you will do now? Hope you are okay?


Hi, thanks for remembering me! No I did not have any written warnings. I'd had conversations with her before about my illness and the time off I'd had but nothing else. Basically I think she was looking for a reason to get rid of me but I don't want to fight for the job back or anything so I'm just trying to apply for office jobs and things like that.

I actually have a novel being published in May, which would an ideal career for me if I could write full-time, but I'm unlikely to see any returns from it for a while.

Will try to keep you updated on how it goes!


Well, what she did was highly illegal - not having a written warning means what she did was illegal - I would be tempted to write her a letter telling her that. Call Citizens Advice and look on their website. I'm not saying to use energy to fight the decision, as it sounds like you are happy to change career track, and good on you. But, she needs to know what she did is both illegal, discriminatory and immoral - to bully and fire someone because that person has suffered from a chronic illness. Maybe she was right in that you could no longer perform the job, but even if she was, or wasn't - she did not follow law or due process. She is wrong and discriminated against you. I am disgusted this happened to you and you should tell her as such.

If you need help drafting a letter I can help you - I think she needs to know what she did was wrong - so that she does not do this to other people. She should not be in her job if she knows nothing about employment law.

Good luck with the book, that sounds just great. Don't worry if you aren't bothered about writing to her, but I personally would - just to get it off my chest. Let me know if you need any help, sorry I missed this earlier..


I lost my job after 2 years (hospitality in a hotel) after a week off for lap. Unauthorised absence apparently, zero hour contract so no need to give me a reason but I knew it was because of my time off not being able to do certain parts of the job when I went back. After kicking up a fuss and a letter from Acas I received a "Please don't take this any further" payout.


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