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Hi I had my lap today at an endometriosis centre,  I am a bit confused as to the findings.  I just wonder if anyone can shed some light,  Apparently on my left utero-sacral ligament I had a thick white scar which he excised but said it looked like inactive endo.  Is there such a thing.  Also on the right there was an area he initially thought was active endo but was an area of tissue growing around a clip which had fallen off from a previous sterilisation so he decided it was doubtful this was endo but excised it anyway.  I guess Ill just need to be patient until the histology comes back.  In addition to this he released the adhesions on my omentum and drained a small fimbrial cyst.  Thankyou in advance for any advice xx 

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Firstly let me ask are you ok? How you feeling?

Inactive Endo, someone correct me if I'm wrong, this means early stages, stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 3 severe, stage 4 moderate, stage 4 severe, so as the disease progresses, your body fighting etc the old patches effectively die, they stop being irritated and turn into a patch of old Endo.

With the findings I would suggest that you DO have Endometriosis, you never stop having it, but at the moment and maybe for you entire life, you don't have ACTIVE Endo, meaning it's laying dormant in your system and could potentially reappear, become active.

Go to sleep Mrs and take some Wind-Eze before bed for the next week, clear all that gas up in a couple of days, the pain in your collar bone is unbearable if you don't clear it xx 


Hiya thanks for your reply.  Im not doing too bad thanks.  Going to bed shortly but I think Im more comfy on the sofa to be honest.  Any ideas if the inactive endo would be causing my pain symptoms? xx


It depends, it can cause scar tissue that causes pain, lesions, blisters, positioning/location etc what were your symptoms before the lap? I'm not sure of the exact location of that specific ligament but the fact that its a ligament it suggests the area is very active, if it was very painful before it may remain sore for the next few weeks while it heals, it may always hurt and you have to rely on pain meds regularly xx


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