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Can't sleep.... Referral appt in the morning

Got my letter, my list and my pee sample bottle all ready.

Don't know what to expect.

I hate needles so hope they don't want blood (like the doctor did)

I don't want another pill as cerelle made my symptoms worse.

I'm A young 46yr old, no signs of going thru the change either, so the doctor said.

Had no kids, as it never seemed to happen, I thought I was with a Jaffa partner (seedless) it's not bothered me tho, as never been maternal, kids were kind of ok, when you could hand them back to the mothers.

I just got on with life, bad periods n pain , thought I was one of these woman that just got bad periods , 11 years of taking no pill. My relationship wasn't the best, but habit I think. Not a Lot of sex over the last 6 yrs due to it being painful and also HE was always full Of drink. 

I did think that I had cancer or something, but in a bad relationship, I  just thought If I have, then I have and not going to seek medical and let it do its thing. I'm no longer in that relationship, after 15 yrs I had the courage to break if off, and kick him out. 

I have met someone, but no sex has happened, and he knows about what's going on with me, and very Supportive, in fact I really wish I could of met him Many years ago. 

And a short post, has turned into me waffling on. 

I now just want to know what is causing all this pain. Xx

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Good luck, write down any questions you want answered so you get out of this appointment what you want. A list of symptoms is always good and don't let them bully u into treatment you aren't happy with. Trying a different type of pill may be better find out what type of pill you had before and ask them about it. 

Hope it goes well. Xx

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Hi firstly I want to say what a brave woman you are to end such a bad relationship after so many years, that takes a lot of courage. Secondly , I want to wish you good luck in your new relationship and with finding answers as to why you are in pain. Hope your appointment goes well.

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Been and back home, internal exam (it bloody hurt) signed form for lap, said may also need to cut me depends on whatvthey find. Said they will also take biopsies of inside. 

If endo found they will burn away what they can. 

Mentioned prostrap and mirena, options. But see whatvthey find and take it from there 

Could be 6-8 weeks wait 


Hi Hun personally I would seek a different consultant. Burning the endo will not get rid of it and it will grow back. You need to have the Endo excised (cut out). Where are you in the uk?


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