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Hating sex because of the deep stabbing pain!! 😭

So after a lovely meal and a few drinks on Valentine's day I wanted to be more intimate with my boyfriend and have sex (we hadn't done it for a while 3/4weeks) 😁

So I was a little tense as I was scared it would hurt (it usually does but only mildly) but as he was entering this time it was like someone had stuck a knife straight up me into my stomach. I screamed and pushed him away and imitately began to cry.

I began to shake and panic breaking out into a cold sweat feeling like my insides we're going to fall out.

The pain was very intense for hours after and is still mildly painful now (even though he barely did anything at all) I had to take paracetamol and use a hot water bottle to get to sleep.

I have discovered I have a backwards uterus when I had a scan but have not been diagnosed yet.

Is this how it starts out? (endometriosis) I also have an excruciating time when I'm on my period.

I mean will I never be able to enjoy sex ever again?? How can I improve this? How do you deal with it?

I don't want it to put strain on my relationship (my bf is very understanding at the minute but will he be forever) I just want to sort it before it gets any worse.

I also don't have any children yet and do want them but can't stand the pain of sex/endo 😭💔

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Yes you will be able to. May take a while. It's very painful with that. Endometriosis is horrible. I was still able to enjoy Valentine's Day. Without it.


I feel for you. Pain during sex is awful both physically and the subsequent guilt and worry is hell. However try not to jump in with a self-diagnosis of endometriosis. Painful sex is definitely a symptom of endo but it might be something a lot more simple to treat (hopefully). My advice would be to get to your gp and request a referral to your nearest hospital pelvic pain clinic for investigation. Good luck x


ive had a hysterctomy and endo excision everything stuck together and recently had stabbing pain on sex - wary as everything removed consultant said everything still in place and was because I was tense I hope so as I dont want to go through everything to not improve things and come back I know it was worse before this and certain positions better than others xx


Aw my lovely, been there before. Try not to stress about it though as feeling tense could be contributing towards the pain. Take your time, relax, and do it when you feel completely ready. See if it's any better at different times of your cycle? My endo is taking over my life at the moment. Most the time sex is ok for me but sometimes it's very painful. Endo is different for everyone. It could be a number of things so I would tell your gp so they can run a few tests. Severe water infection could even cause that pain. Good look chick :) xx


Hello, I sympathise with you, it's horrid being worried all the time about sex, I'm married with 3 children so I think I'm older than you, it most be worse for you being younger, sex hurts be a little while doing it but it's the after pains that get me, I'm in pain or more pain than normal, for a day or 2 after, I also have a tilted uterus so my gyne said that can be painfull during because of what it's hitting, but it dosnt sound like he even got that far, have you seen a gyne doc yet, I'm still waiting for a date for my first laporoscopy to confirm endo or adenomyosis, make sure you use lubricant and try a different position, good luck, and message me if you need to chat,


I really do know how you feel. This was my main symptom of endo which helped me with my diagnosis. For at least 2 years me and my boyfriend have been struggling to get intimate due to the pain and bleeding that follows. We have been together 5 and a half years so he has been my rock throughout all of it. Sex isn't the be all and end all. I know it may not seem like it now but there is still all the fun things that you can do to keep the fire in your relationship whilst getting intimate without the pain.

I would highly recommend using lube. it may not sound romantic however for me i found that it really does help.

I hope things work out for you and you find what works for you XX


I have very severe endometriosis. Life changingly bad at 24 years old. But ive never had painful sex. Its different for everyone!


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