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Any advice?

Hi there 

So I will begin with... I am new to endometriosis. For 4 years I have been told I have IBS but I kept going back because something just was not right. In December my new gp agreed I have endometriosis although not diagnosed as waiting laparoscopy to see if I really have it. 

I am very convinced I do, I know my body very well. For pain management they gave me Naproxen, codeine and co-codamol 

Any lifestyle advice you can give me re how to make it less painful for me?  

Thank you 

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I have found that cutting out caffeine has helped me, eating 2 figs a day and a step for my feet when in the loo have helped with the bowel aspects.

gentle exercise.

listen to your body and don't overdo it ( this is harder than it sounds...i feel like I'm giving in to the illness).

I also did a food intolerance test and cut out everything (42 foods -argh!), but didn't notice a difference.

I avoid cocodomol because although it helps the pain, it irritates my bowels and turns me into a zombie!

good luck , I'm sure the ladies on here will help further x

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