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Feeling great..... 😊

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my lap. The last couple of days I have felt bloody great!! 

Still taking naproxen (though this is more for tendinitis in my hand than anything else!) but any endo related pain seems to have gone!! 😊

My period came today (yay me 🙁) and apart from 5 minutes this morning where it felt like a hot poker low in my stomach I've got no pain!!! 

I know I was told I only had mild endo on the back of my womb, but I am amazed how something so mild has caused so much pain both physically and mentally for so long and now (touch wood) nothing!! 

Without a doubt, the best results I could have asked for and long may I remain like this. I know it's likely to return but for now I am one happy person!! Appointment to follow up isn't until 9th June when I should get more info on what was done etc.

To anyone that is only thinking about having a lap/be offered and your scared, just go for it, don't hang around!! Yes you feel like crap while recovering (I'm still tired as hell every afternoon) but this is 100% worth it!! 


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Glad you're feeling better sweetie.

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Yay! Hope it stays that way. X 

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I have a lap booked in for 20th May and have been in 2 minds whether to go through with it but this has reassured me that it's it's worth it....plus the horrendous ovulation pain I'm in today 😢 Glad you are feeling so much better already.x


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