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Anyone had an Endometrial Ablation?

Hi there! 

I'm 26 and I was diagnosed as having endometriosis and adhesions when I was about 18. Had a laparoscopy in 2010 and it helped for a little while, but things have become so bad again that I'm fainting during my period every month without fail. Saw a new gynae Consultant a few weeks ago and he recommended having a Mirena Coil fitted, which I did, but it had to be removed the following day due to perforation of my womb (OUCH!) and now he has said the only real option for me is an endometrial ablation. I'm well aware that it means no kids for me, but honestly, I'm OK with that and married my husband on the understanding that neither of us wanted children. 

If anyone else has had an endometrial ablation I was hoping to ask a few questions, such as: 

- After the op, was there much pain? 

- How long following the op did you have off work? 

- Any side-effects I should be aware of?   

- Has it helped? 

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I had the Nova Sure ablation in 2014.  Operation itself was fine (I had it under general anesthetic although it can be done under local) , I had about 10 days off work then went back part-time for a week and then full time.  I had no side effects apart from the usual tiredness after an operation, and it reduced my pain for 6 - 9 months.   

I would go for it -  just rest for the first few days and then you will be fine. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and answer my questions. Feeling better about it. I'll just go with it then and hope it helps :) 



I had novasure May 2015 along with endo excision.  I had no pain for 3 weeks after the op and I took 5 weeks off work (I work for my partner so could have all the time I needed).   No side effects as such but I do still have a tiny bleed every month for a day or so.  They were very reluctant to do it (I was 39 no kids) but I insisted and I'm so pleased I had it done.


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