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Laparoscopy on Monday!

I finally have my diagnostic lap on Monday. Very scared about what might happen, and how long the recovery time will be... Any advice? Positive experiences haha!

Also, I'm a runner, not long distance or anything, more a good bit of exercise to balance anxiety etc... How long after will I be able to do this again? And how long until can go on walks?

I've got to start a low fibre diet tomorrow in preparation, do you have to have a specific diet after?

A very worried me... x


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I can t give you brilliant advice I I still early days but for immediate first days make sure nothing on floor to pick up and find lots of very baggy clothing with no waistbands as I have three cuts one on knicker line and 2 seem to hit every waistband.  Slip on slippers no hands required and plenty of pillows appreciate having core strength and being able to bend and twist before op. Drink drink drink after op lots of fruit think about constipation before it comes. Tmi 😀 Hope this vaguely helpful I 2 days in and asking for advice too feel like I have jet lag still and pain we all very different. I miss doing hot yoga so much already but that a way off  getting back to that I had endo off my bowel so total recovery I think will be a while. 


I also had to do the low residue diet for 5 days before op then 2 enemas eve and morning of op but had no after op diet to do. 


I had my first lap on Saturday and I was absolutely petrified but it really wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be.  I have been out for a walk today and been fine, I can move around a lot more than I thought I would be able to.  One bit of advice I read on here was take a small pillow to the hospital with you so you can put it in between your seatbelt and your tummy on your way home.  My doctor said I should be fully recovered after 2 weeks.  Just make sure you get plenty of rest afterwards and do what your body tells you to.  I had discomfort with gas pains afterwards but peppermint tea helped with that. 


Thanks guys! Really helpful! I tend to overthink everything so am imagining every scenario at the minute. Have plans over the weekend to line up a lot of books and tv to watch by my bedside... 

How were the pain levels afterwards? I heard they can be bad but mentioned this to my boyfriend and he pointed out that I'm in so much pain currently that it really can't be that much worse that what I'm experiencing! 

Were you able enough to sit at a computer? I work on computer a lot and was hoping could catch up on some portfolio work whilst confined to the house!


hi orange. my recovery from my first lap was 5 1/2 weeks. i did develop an infection so that clearly set me back but it was prob 3 months before i felt back to normal. just had my second lap and im hoping to be back to work in 3 weeks. if the painkillers the hospital give u dont suffice you can ask your gp for something stronger. i have struggled both times with extreme tiredness and needed to nap once or twice everyday for the first couple of weeks. 

everyone recovers as different rates so please dont be harsh on yourself if u are not fully recovered in 2 weeks!  i was told it may take 4 to 6 weeks but i understand it all depends on what is being done.  

i was also advised i cannot drive for 3 weeks either otherwise my insurance would be invalid. 


The hospital gave me paracetamol, ibuprofen and codine and told me to take something every 3 hours, which u did for the first few days and then I reduced it down from there.  I would have been able to sit at a desk on about day 5 or 6 I think, I really helped me to keep moving around, it helped with the gas pains etc.  Good luck for Monday and try not to worry as its not as bad as you think. 


Thanks, sorry your experience was so bad dawntildusk, I'm concerned mine might take a long time as I have mild CFS which flared up whenever I am sick... 

Thanks Rachel, yeah I'm hoping to be moving around a little here and there... Going to get all my books stacked up today! 

Trying to just keep my mind off it and just get it done now. Been in so much pain the last two days I just want them to go in and find whatever it is! 

I can't stay I bed too long or the back pain gets worse so recovery might be interesting! 


Hi guys! Thought would just update you.

Had my laparoscopy and hysteroscopy on Monday as planned and it all went very well. They found and removed two patches of endo and also found a lot of adhesions around my bowel and left ovary which have also been removed! 

So so glad they found the problems, was starting to think was all in my head! I even have photos to prove it haha.

Pain is pretty bad still, mostly cramping which I was told would get after the hysteroscopy. Just like the worst kind of period pain... Also pain at the incision sites but nothing unmanageable.

I am a little concerned as still struggling to fully empty my bladder but it seems to be improving a bit... Just very slow in the mornings...

Can sit up with less pain today so that's all good! Looking forward to being back on my feet. I may be being overly optimistic but I feel lighter, if I think past the surgery pain I think they have caught the culprit of the other pain!


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