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9 weeks post opp

Hi everyone I had full Hystorectomy 9 weeks ago feel so bad I feel like my stomach is dragging to one side. Really heavy  an I'm in pain. Sharp deep pain  an my hormones are everywhere. Keep just crying I think I have done to much might have pulled something  I had bowl an bladder repair at same time just feel so low. Everyone thinks I should be better  because it past 6 weeks I'm so low  I thought the pain would have stopped my head achs are keeping me awake at night so not sleeping  is this normal or am I just a hypracondreac

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Hello, I'm so sorry about the pain you're experiencing. Have you told your doctor about this pains you're having and the insomnia and all? If you haven't, I strongly advise you should so they can give you something for it. And if you have and they aren't taking you serious, then I advice you see someone else because your health is important and feeling like this will stress you out and eventually take its toll on you. I do hope you feel better soon. Take care X 


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