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Pre-opp anxiety

Hi there,

I have my lap booked for this Friday and have never been so anxious. I am worried about going in for the opp but also worried it will be postponed through me getting a cold etc. I was like this last time I had a lap but this is so much worse :( I am an anxious person anyway and am trying to act like its a normal week. Thought it would come on here to vent my anxieties... Friday can't come soon enough :(

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Hi Rebecca, if it makes u feel better I feel the same lol mine is booked for wed 11th feb it's my first lap

An I am scared, anxious, nervous an excited to get a diagnosis after all this time!

I have never had general either so anxious about that an how I will feel wen I wake up.

Keep me posted an take care x

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:-( sad to hear you are feeling so anxious. I had a raging cold when I had my lap Monday. You usually don't run a temperature with a cold and only if u get an infection ( throat or flu type) so try not to worry. I steamed my head with abesoil in a bowl before and that seemed to do the trick. Please ask away if either of u have any questions. This is my fourth lap so feeling quiet experienced with them ;-) hope yours both go well xxx


Hi! I got my first lap one week ago today. I was really nervous as well mostly about the general anaesthetic but it was ok. I finally got diagnosed which made it worth while. Iv mild endo on my womb and right ovary and polycystic ovaries. Was given a lap because each month with my cycle a cyst ruptures and creates a blood clot. It's such a relief when you get some answers!!! Try not to worry to much. I was quite sick after tbh but I don't know if that was the general or the morphine so maybe wouldn't combine those! Best of luck xx


Hello...I am Anna...I can encourage you and say its not so bad. You will feel pain and discomfort after the op for a few days. Ive had three to date and you come out of it very well. But its normal to be anxious....umtil today I still do it and I get anxious only to smile afterwards.....and esp if your Dr is good.

All the best a d stay positive


Hi there I've had 2 laps and I get really nervous before each one to the point I can't sleep or think about anything else. About a week later I wonder what all the fuss was about. I know it's hard but try and keep your mind occupied and keep in a positive frame of mind. Good luck for your lap xx


Hi, I'm right there with you, mine is for the 10th next Tues. My husband had the flu starting last Tues and he's still not feeling the greatest, my 10yr old son woke up throughout the night, threw up, and has a high fever and body aches all day. I'm so worried I'm going to get it and won't be able to that the surgery. I'm also anxious about the general anesthetic . Hold strong, we will get through this... Let me know how it goes.


Ladies Thankyou so much for all these comments I feel so much more relaxed reading all these just trying to keep busy:)

I no it will be for the best in the long run an I can't wait to find out what's been going on.

I will keep u all posted.

Going to get all my housework an washing done before I go in.

Take care ️xx


Hi ladies, I have my lap on the 24th Feb. Am very anxious but after years of suffering am hoping for some answers. Good luck to everyone having it done and will let you know my results.


Hi there. I have my first lap a week today. My major worries are also that I will get a cold so it will get cancelled, another is that I will be last on the list and they won't have time to do mine and finally that they won't find anything and I will have put myself through it for nothing...trying to pre-occupy my mind this week but finding it difficult.

Good luck everyone x


I've had 5 laparoscopies and I had a laparotomy (open cut from belly button to pubic line) 6 weeks ago, recovery is simple, rest for the first few days then get back to normal, avoid lifting heavy things for a couple of weeks, listen to YOUR body and you will be fine. Best of luck to all, you'll be fine xxx


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