suddenly moving fast...worried now

Hi all,  this is my first visit and post...i was just diagnosed with endometriosis. at first i was told it was menopause, then they told me its not menopause its endometriosis. and that i will have to wait upto 6 months to see a gyno. then Monday out of the blue i not only get an appt with one but two different ones. i am scared as to why they are suddenly moving so fast. has this happened to anyone else? 

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  • Hi there, sorry to hear you're worried. How did they diagnose you? Was it a physical exam or laparoscopy? It's great news that you've moved up the list, 6mths is too long to wait when you're worried. X

  • they did a scan, i'm just worried that i suddenly moved up the list 

    but i am also grateful as the pain has been overwhelming and my periods have been horrific to say the least ...thanks for replying 


  • Don't worry, let them help you. I had 13 days between diagnosis and hysterectomy. Let us know how you get on. X

  • Hello, try not to worry, you are probably just lucky. If they suspected something sinister I am sure they would have hold you.

    I saw gynae and less than 3 weeks later I had a laparoscopy. Turned out I was a total mess too complicated for gynae to treat and now I am on waiting list for endo removal and hysterectomy, this is a much longer wait! 

    They might have just had a cancellation, or just told you 6 months as this is their standard waiting time but realised they could do it faster. They are so many reasons.

    At my initial gynae appointment the lovely nurse said it could be a wait but said she would have a chat about me with surgeon to see if he could get me in. I got the feeling they just felt sorry for me, I had been suffering with extreme bleeding and pain for 20 years and even though fertility wasn't the reason I got referred to gynae I did mention to them I had been trying for a baby for 3 years and at 36 was losing hope of it happening. Anyway the surgeon wanted to see me ASAP.

    Now they know I am infertile, I don't have anything sinister, I am in for a much longer wait for next treatment.

    I know it's easy for me to say but really try not to worry, it's different for everyone.

    I hope it all goes well for you xx

  • If  you are in the UK,  make sure you are being seen by one of the approved 'Endo Clinics' .  Check posts on here by 'Lindle' for more information on this, or contact 'Endometriosis UK' who host this site - link at the top of this page.   General gynaecologists do not always have the detailed surgical skills/experience for removing all endo tissue. 

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  • I would seek a very very specialized dr in this field

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