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Too much pain from coil. Infection??

Hi all,

I had a new marina coil fitted last week. I've had them for over 20 years now without pause and they have worked wonders on my mood. Up until this last time, i have had them fitted in the UK. the actual measuring of the womb was the worst pain, but it was quickly over. This last one I had fitted in Denmark, and I can honestly say that it was the most painful thing I've ever had done to me. Even the thing they put in to open you up killed me. It felt like knives inside me. It was a week ago now and I am having these hot pains inside now and what looks like infection coming out. I can't face going back to the doc as the pain was just more than I am willing to go through again.

Any advise on what I ought to do.

Please you are the only ones who understand the pain of this, please help. My danish GP just mimicked me when I said how much it hurt and took the mickey.

Sincerely Karin

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I haven't personally had this experience, but if you're having this much pain and discharge that makes you think you have an infection, I think you need medical attention. I don't know how the Danish medical system works, but could you go to a different doctor or an emergency room instead of the doctor who was a jerk? Good luck :)


Hi thanks. I tried to change doctors, but no one are taking in new patients. I've percevered with the pain and it has ebbed but I'm now bleeding?? Strange, that has never happened before either. A friend suggested the same as you, to go to an emergency doc, but I have suddenly become to frightened of the stupid thing they use to open you up down there so they can see inside. I feel trapped


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