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Last month I had my 1st lap which diagnosed endo and pcos.. they said they removed a lot but not all and I have to go back to see the surgeon at the end of November.. haven't been told anything else. I was devastated because I've always planned to join the army (cant with endo). A few days later my best friend passed away and I wasn't thinking straight and went back to work in lots of pain and unable to walk properly yet. (Its a desk job) Last week I was told I didn't get the promotion I went for because of the endo (I've had quite a few days off in the last year) and today I had a scan that showed a 7cm cyst had grown in the ovary they took one out of last month and is now stuck on my bowel... I literally cant take much more bad news! I'm 23 and have had this for 4 years now, I'm feeling so overwhelmed and it scares me to think I'll have this forever now.. I never stop, I work 45 hours a week and have a gorgeous 4 year old boy I always without fail get up every morning for breakfast and school and be home for bath story and bed... and my stupid body is slowing me down I'm so tired all the time and it makes the pain worse! I'm not writing this for sympathy I just need to vent to someone that I dont have to explain what endo is. Thanks

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  • I know how you feel about feeling like its just too much. About 4 cycles ago I had the worst endo flare up I've ever had and on the second day I got news of 2 close family friends taking their own lives. I was absolutely devastated. It took me over a week to 'recover' enough to go back to work and just about managed to get to work an back, through sheer exhaustion. Since then I've seen a specialist who told me to cut wheat out of my diet and as I'm struggling with the difficulties I'm having conceiving she referred me to the departments psychologist. I feel like the diet has improved my energy levels and just knowing I'm going to see a psychologist has really reassured me and taken some pressure off me coping with everything on my own (I have a wonderful husband and family but they can't understand the impact endo has). It sounds like you're doing a fantastic job working and being a mum whilst suffering with endo. Just wanted to say that and that you can get through things, it takes abit of time to straighten your head out when so many things go wrong but you will get through it. Try and stay positive. All the best

  • I'm sorry you've had such a bad time too are things getting easier now? I've heard a lot about cutting gluten and wheat out of your diet I was going to ask the surgeon about it when I go back, I think my brain could process all the crap that's happened a bit better if I wasn't so exhausted lol both of you have helped loads with questions I can ask my gyne thank you! And I hope you start finding things easier with your psychologist xx

  • I'm really sorry. It does feel a lot like endo means you can't have your dream job. I do a job I don't like as I'm terrified if I moved jobs I would lose my job as I'm now 'safe' in this job. I only take my surgery off and it's still seen as too much. I do have something sort of good to tell you. If you are like me then your PCOS will be causing insulin resistance, my symptoms are extreme fatigue and constant sugar/carb cravings. They can treat this with metformin, it's a drug for diabetics that works for insulin resistance too. I love it, I don't sleep for 17 hours a day and still feel tired any more. It means you actually use your carbohydrates/fat stores instead of storing them. Ask your doctor if this sounds like you and they can work out what dosage you need. I know someone who's been trying to get in the army for years but can't because of his asthma and the frustration it causes is just devastating. I didn't realise that endo could get in your way. This may sound stupid but have you considered a different force? My husband is in the navy and there's a logistics section that is mainly based in England. I don't know if this or the reserve might be any good for you just to get in. What treatment have you tried so far for endo? You could find something that gets your symptoms under control long enough that you could get in. I'm sorry if I'm missing the point or if you feel I'm being dismissive, I promise I'm not. Wish you all the best xxx

  • I'll definitely ask my doctor about the insulin resistance thank you! I think its the tiredness that gets to me the most so would be a god send for help with that! I looked into the raf and its the same.. cant even get to interview stage :( I'm ex reserves (left 2 years ago for an unrelated reason) and i've looked in to going back there, as soon as I mention endo its a no I'm just gutted.. thank you though xx

  • I wouldn't say insulin resistance, I would just say tiredness and pcos. Don't confuse the poor gps. Look it up, go in armed with all the stats as they don't know much but they do know ladies with PCOS can have metformin. If it helps you'll notice the difference quickly. Try different doses. I'm on 2x 500mg a day and that helps me. I'm really sorry about the job, it really sucks. It's two years of being ok to be accepted on most stuff so I hope for you that includes endo. My friend had something similar with mental health so I don't know if it's the same. Have you tried the coil? Loads of ladies on here get on really well with it and it gives you three years relief! I just want someone to get their answer as I sure as shit can't find mine. Are you having any troubles with the side effects of PCOS? Xxx

  • I really know what's causing the troubles yet, the pains have been worse since the lap and I'm more tired than before, I didnt get told anything when I woke up just that they took a lot of endo out and a cyst and they did put the coil in too.. They moved my follow up appt with the surgeon today because of the cyst that's grown since the lap so its next week now instead of next month so thats good.. I'll finally get some answers! I dont know why they left it so long? I'm hoping they just know what to do so I can get on with things. I'm mad frustrated x

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