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Need help understanding lap results

Hey guys, 

I had my first lap yesterday and my results say that they found small amount of endometriosis around my left ovary and I have more than average free fluid in my pouch of Douglas. Anyone know what having more free fluid in POD means?! I asked the nurse what stage this means I am but she just said my gyno will tell me that at my appointment in 6 weeks time. Hate not knowing what's going on... Also said I had normal looking ovaries, but I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries last year so confused about how they are normal looking? Any opinions would be much appreciated! 

Thanks so much xxx

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I don't know anything about the fluid, maybe you had a recent cyst go, maybe a bleed? Not sure. 

Polycystic ovaries are cysts on the inside of the ovaries so unlikely it will be seen in a lap unless they are jam packed, it also can be reversed, I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2008 and my ovaries have been clear for a couple of years now, I changed my diet to cleaner eating and less sugar and exercise loads and it worked! 

Hope this has helped even if just a little xx


Hi - your abdomen is lined with a membrane called the peritoneum that also wraps round the organs. Between the two layers is fluid to enable the organs to slip freely against each other. The pouch of douglas is the lowest point of the pelvic cavity and acts as a drain so that free fluid can be absorbed. So a small amount is normal. More than a normal amount suggests inflammation within the peritoneal cavity and one cause of such inflammation is endo. So this is just an observation that tallies with your endo diagnosis. I note in your previous post you suffer lower back pain. This is typical of endo but from now on be sure to monitor and record your symptoms as endo can be in hidden places that can be missed in general gynaecology. If you feel you might need more thorough care have a look am my posts on how to get to a specialist centre.


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