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Advice Please...Endo Specialist Appointment

Hello ladies,

I have my first specialist appointment tomorrow, I'm wondering what the likelihood is they'll choose to operate? I was last operated on a year ago by a general gynaecologist, during my time of being diagnosed with endo they've tried different pills, mirena coil, provera as well as both prostap and zoladex. So I'm not sure what else there is to do. The pain can be pretty bad atm and I've not reacted well to zoladex at all and spent Sunday being sick and have suffered with nasty migraines as well as feeling poorly a lot of the time x x

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If it is a BSGE centre and you have stage 3, 4 or rectovaginal disease then they must excise it. Have a look at my post on the treatment pathway and the link to the NHS contract. 


Thank you, I will have a read they're going to do an MRI and decide from that whether to operate 


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