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Laparoscopy and treatment of endo


Hi, I was just wondering if there is anybody that could give me some advice. I am new to this, this is my first post but I have been following the page for quite a while now. I had my first diagnostic laparoscopy 5 weeks ago and was treated for stage 2 endometriosis. I have 3 incisions, one through my belly button and one on either side near my ovaries.

I was told my stitches were dissolvable stitches, however over 5 weeks later the stitches are still there and don’t seem to be going anywhere. My incisions are so red and I keep getting pains around the areas where the incisions are. They are not oozing and there doesn’t seem to be any smells coming from the incisions, however, I am just a little bit worried at how red they look still and they don’t seem to be healing very well. Today I have started to feel quite unwell in myself, fever, feeling sick and weak. Should I be worried? How likely is it for me to have an infection after 5 weeks and does it sound like something I need to get checked out ASAP as I would have to wait until tomorow to get an emergency appointment with the doctor? Sorry for the long post. Thanks for listening Xxx

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Hi. Im also new to this after recently being diagnosed and having a laproscopy almost 1 month ago so hello! If the wounds are red it does not have to mean they are infected of course, just that the stitches may need to be removed. As you say however that the wounds are not healing as they should and you feel generally unwell, i would suggest that you get checked out, this evening if possible. Dont know where you live but you could ring 111 to see if there are appt services available in your area rather than going to A&E. Good luck, hope you feeling better soon.

Thanks for the advice, I ended up ringing the 111 number and got a appointment with the doctor at a&e who took the stitches out for me. I felt so relived an they have been so much better since. I think the stitches were just aggravating the wound more xxx

So glad you got sorted, its a small thing but means alot when one less thing is uncomfortable, take care xx

Yes i had a stitch or two left, which was removed by nurse. Keep area clean and dry and get nurse to remove stitch and check x

Hi lovely,

I don't know if I'm too late in replying to your post. But, if you have fever etc. and the wounds are still very red or swollen, then I will definitely go to see your consultant or nurse. You must go asap to check that you haven't developed an infection so that they can treat you xxx Best of luck and let me know how it goes! I have my second laparoscopy tomorrow... and I'm scared...

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