So since I have come of prostap the pain came back but iv been cope with it I'm not supposed to be getting a period as I'm.using.patches but keeping them on.consistanly  for 3 months then have a period but I no that I'm.going to get one and the than ever it doesn' me have just had a row he doesn't no the pains.really bad but I'm.sick.of saying it I just dint want this anymore I dint want any of it I just want to be a normal 22 year old with no pain hurts so.bad and.even.thiufh I'm.having a. Lap in may I no.its not gonna solve things permanently I hate this so much 

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  • I dont know if it helps you to know but everyone seems to feel like this at some point. Unfortunately you have to push through the bad days and be strong. Hopefully you will find some relief at your next appointment. You're doing the right thing by posting on here because talking through things will always help. I really hope that today is a better day for you.

  • Thankyou im coping I think what I like about this place the most is that everyone.if going through the same thing and we can all relate when someone if having a moan and a rant and I can openly tell anyone on this site what's going through my mind with regards to my endometriosis and I don't feel like an outsider or that everyone thinks I'm.stupid because we're all in the same boat we all understand as much as I love my partner to pieces he knows he will.never fully understand but he really does try his best to 

  • that's how I feel too xx

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