Hating this!

Hi everyone,

Sorry this is such a moan, I am waiting to see a specialist next week but I've had 2 zoladex injections and feel so rubbish, I'm struggling to get out of bed in the mornings I feel so sick, unwell, and now have a lot of pain in my back the radiates down my legs and into my hip/groin I haven't been in to work since Tuesday last week it seems to of taken over my life and has been pointless in me taking it I feel I was only put on it because the General gynae didn't know what else to do as I've already been on prostap and had to stop that early!

Sorry for the moan, feeling pretty fed up! At least the suns shining 😉 xxx 

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Hello so sorry u r feeling like this and I know u have probably had numerous people say that and it doesn't help but I'm in same boat as u. I have had 2 injections the same as u my first month was fine pain wise altho the side effects of menopause was tough I got my second one and started hrt with it but had to stop hrt as my neck lower back got so painful I couldn't move. I'M awaiting a specialist appt too and at this moment I'm struggling I don't feel well after stopping hrt my pain came back but then disappeared and now I'm having bloating and pain in pelvis and bacj unsure if it's off my bowels as I believe endo is to do with them due to long history of bladder pelvis and bowel issues. I feel like a zombie all the time. My life is completely ruined by an illness no one can name . My gen gyn put me on these injections to see if it is a endo thing everything is so frustrating.. sorry if this doesn't help but I'm here to chat and moan to anytime ur not alone ☺

Hey, have you recently had your second injection? I had my second nearly 2 weeks ago and it's just got worse, I'm definitely not having anymore. They don't warn you of all the things it can do to you. Yeah I've always had bowel/bladder problems so I think it's all down to the endo/maybe adhesions. Are you currently waiting for an appointment with a specialist? I think it's the only way to get treated properly and be listened to. As rubbish as it is, it's nice to hear someone's in the same boat feeling like this! Let's hope it doesn't last for a long time 😌 x

Yeah I got my second one nearly 4 weeks ago now... i don't no where to turn to. Yeah I'm awaiting an appt but I'm in Scotland and need to wait and see if my referral will be accepted. I hate the waiting game and waiting at home not knowing how I am going to be from day to day it's awful. One day I'm fully of energy and good the next I'm bloated and can t move due to the pain . Awful thing really I'm here any way if u want to chat . Can I ask how long it has been going on for for u? Have u had an laps before?  X

It is awful and not good enough how we're just left to it when suffering so much. It's been going on for me endo wise around 4/5+ years, I've had 2 laps but only 1 they burned any away, haven't you had any laps? Zoladex is so harsh it's not fair they trial people on that first x

Yeah I agree 100%. I have had two laps years ago I've been suffering for 10 years now ... but not had any burned away. I'm so fed up. Hopefully the specialist if I get to see them will open me up and have a good look and get to the bottom of this. It's not fair having to be put in medical menopause for a trail x

Fingers crossed you do get to see a specialist, do you know how long you'll wait to find out? x

Thank u. Not sure they have received my refferal just needs to go in front of panel I think to see if it's worth an appt which is ridiculous. Starting to wonder if I should of went private but not sure that would be an quicker x

Maybe it would if it's doable for you? That's what I've done paid for an initial private appointment with an endo specialist then hopefully be put on their NHS list and I only had to wait 10 days for my appointment after calling them x

It's a possibility I phoned few weeks ago and they said they had received it but I may phone them and see how far it's went and look at private x

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