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Endo and neuropathic pain

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Hi all

Went to see my consultant last week, she thinks my pain is neuropathic. Am waiting for a GP appt so they can prescribe pregabalin.

Already take naproxen and codeine to little effect.

Feel like I have been run over by a truck today. As well as the usual pain I have noticed my joints are now really stiff and uncomfortable.

Have had to ring in sick, again, as I haven't slept for 3 nights due to my discomfort. I am afraid of getting sacked.

I have tried everything. Acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, massage, supplements, tweaking my diet. My tens machine sometimes helps and sometimes makes me nauseous.

Am really low in mood too.

Sorry for the moan, needed to ventilate x

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I’ve just started to take cannabis oils to help me. Only started today but I’m on a support group on Facebook and there’s so many people who have had great results. My daughter is even on some for anxiety and panic attacks and the difference in her is amazing. They have diff ones to help for different problems. Maybe you can check it out x

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Catmum in reply to Blossom39

Hi, thanks for the reply. Will look into it. I will try anything!

Hope it works for you x

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Blossom39 in reply to Catmum

Are you on Facebook x

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Catmum in reply to Blossom39

No, don't really do social media x

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KimPV in reply to Catmum

Make sure it’s 35% or over , anything less is pointless. X

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Mswa in reply to Blossom39

Which fb site? I’ve just ordered some today as having lots probs immune system and infections and think may help with inflammation x

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Blossom39 in reply to Mswa

Add me on Facebook amanda j Watkins I share the group with you then. They’re really helpful with info x

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Indie2nyah in reply to Blossom39

Hi would you mind giving me details of facebook group and the cbd oils both you and your daughter are using, I'd really like to try xx


Try this website, the green one is for pain, and liquid gold is good for depression, anxiety, panic attacks and inflammation with arthritis and also helps with sleep x

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Catmum in reply to Blossom39

Thank you 😀

I am finding relief in acupuncture, hypnosis ( I am getting better & better), a great massage therapist who knows endo. he is a 80 yrs old vietnam veteran. And, taking plum flower brand Statis in the lower olace teapills (Shao Fu Zhu yu Wan). Physical therapy is also in my daily life. Swimming, walking, biking are too. one of the other everyday. Suggest the book "The Doctor will see you now" by Tamer Seckin.

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Catmum in reply to handetogrul

I haven't tried hypnosis, that sounds like a good idea. It's all expensive though so will have to research. Thanks for the advice 👍😀

Yes, it is expensive. I went to 5 sessions with a therapist $100USD per session. I keep repeating those sessions. And, I found tons of free stuff online. Repetition: do it twice a day at least 30 mins each. I started to find relief after 2 months. Now I am hooked. I am very active woman , 53 yrs. I thought stretching was relaxing until I learned this 4 months ago. Different , very different level of relaxation. Hope it works for you. For me, it is all about believing. If you have time please check out the book I suggested. I found a lot in that book that make me happy and connected.

Sorry, writing too much. The book The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton is also shifting my self healing.

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Catmum in reply to handetogrul

I appreciate the advice. Will look up the book. Thanks again 😀

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