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Upcoming laprotomy

Hi all, 

I am due to go for a very very long awaited operation to remove as much stage 4 endo as possible. I've been advised I'll be off for 12 weeks which is quite daunting to be honest but wondered if anyone else has experienced this and any useful advice? 

I've had a lap to diagnose before which I found ok afterwards but am aware this is much more invasive and physically traumatic. 

any honest advice or tips would be great :) I've stocked up on box sets, peppermint tea for bloating and nighties! 

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Hi are you in the UK and is this being done in a BSGE accredited endo centre and by a surgeon on this list:




Good luck!  I had a dr suggest open surgery (as he thinks there may be endo in the folds of the bowel).  But then I changed Dr to one who does excision (where I was they were only going to laser it anyway).  

May I ask why you're has decided to go for open surgery?  

Please let us know how it goes! 


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