Warning TMI: Excessive clear discharge and clotting :(

Please help. I started my last period on 20th march which lasted about 4-5 days, and since then I have been passing brown clots in clear fluid. This morning it was an excessive amount of fluid. I am worried something else is wrong.... does anhone else have this? X also can I have a smear whilst this is happening?X

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  • hi woolston27 something similar is currently happening to me. I also requested a pap smear but my doctor said he can't because of the blood in my cervix. He suggested it could be hormonal. He did sent me for an ultrasound and a HSG, where both reports are saying I have a blockage in both my tubes which deals with fertility and nothing else as far as I know. My husband and I are going to see him later this month. I can offer no explanation for this, but other than to get this checked out by your doctor. I know how worry some this can be, wondering what is going on inside you. sorry I couldn't help you. sending many hugs. let me know how everything works out for you if you feel comfortable doing so. 

  • Thank you so much for coming back to me. It's reassuring to know that someone else knows what this is like. My smear is on Tuesday. And I am awaiting scan results. I know I have one blocked Fallopian tube  and endo in my uterus so that's the cause of my fertility concerns. X 

  • you are welcomed

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