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I would be so grateful if someone could let me know specialist endometrial consultant's in the North West. 

I am due to have a total hysterectomy tomorrow at the James Cook in Middlesbrough, but my op has been cancelled this morning, for the third time.  They cannot guarantee when I will get my op as they are experiencing a massive bed crisis.   

I now need to look at other options as my life is on hold pending this operation.  I am now prepared to consider private means. 

Any advice would be appreciated. 

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  • Hiya hun I've sent you a private msg xx

  • Dr Edi-Osagie is supposed to be one of the bests in North West. He works both privately and with NHS. I am also considering him as my option for hysterectomy, but I haven't met him yet. 

    I had one operation with dr. Suku George, but that was not very successful. I had complications and still live with them. But maybe it was just unlucky for me. Anyway, I can not recommend him. Hope this helps.

  • Many thanks for your advice.  It is really helpful. I am determined to regain control of this situation and need to go back next week to my GP with consultants I want referred to.  I have found that GPs need to send a referral letter to consultants for private care. 

    Learning curve all round. 

  • Actually I forgot to mention that some people see a consultant privately and then they will take you on the list and you can have your operation on NHS later, if you can wait. That would be a bit cheaper option. Bur privately it is quicker.

  • hi hun, I had my ovaries, tubes and cervix removed with full excision by mr G at stepping Hill Feb 4th. I had a collection on my vaginal vault, wound hematoma and bladder infection afterwards and was rushed back in a week later. I am still in a lot of pain and awaiting an appointment with Mr G. Really worried endometriosis may have been missed as the pain is the same as before. Could I ask what happened with your surgery done by mr G if you don't mind. Thanks Rachel xx

  • Hi Heidi1.  I am so sorry as I dont think that I replied to your message. Mr G hasnt operated on me.  He was mentioned by MinnieMinnie in her email reply, and it didnt sound as though she was impressed.  

    I hope you have your issue resolved by now. 

    Flo xx

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