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Feeling beyond scared!

Hello I am unsure if this post belongs here as I have not been diagnosed with endometriosis just yet.. I am showing symptoms but basically my womb has been through utter hell for the past 3 years it started with a womb infection that put me in hospital i had a D&C for personal reasons and was told by surgeon I have a vaginal septum and I need to have it out for when I'm thinking of having a baby, well that time has come and I want to prepare I went to my new local gynacologisf/sexual health centre and asked them to inspect to find the septum the gynaecologist turns around and says there is no septum your womb is absolutely fine... I don't believe it I also had a coil fitted straight after my D&C and I have bled for over a year with it until I got prescribed the combined pill to stave off the blood. Something feels wrong and it's who do I believe the gynaecologist or the surgeon? I booked another appointment for a second opinion and Im so glad I did! Turns out she examined me and confirmed I do have a vaginal septum ive also had an ultrasound to find where the septum is and found out my coil has danced in to my uterus and has moved so to add insult to injury i am now now unprotected and able to fall pregnant, but I don't want to now as the mirena causes problems prematurity and even miscarriage when pregnant I feel like crying! And I'm feeling slightly suicidial! What the hell do I do? Ultrasound has confirmed I have a septum and an operation may be on the cards. I also have a question.. I had unprotected sex last night with my partner and took morning after pill fist thing but I had to lie to get it. Am I allowed ellaone whilst having a mirena fitted? I'm so scared ive put myself in danger I am feeling weird and sicky is this normal?? Please help Im so scared!! Thanks!

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Morning after pill is like a shock for you bodies hormonal system and will affect you for months or even years. With your problems, I think it was not wise to take it. Why cant you use condoms? Or have safe sex in different ways like oral sex? Think about yourself, girl, more than pleasing your man. You will have to live with your good or bad health all your life. Make sure you always do what is best for your own health. 

Regarding other problems, you need to find a good doctor. A really best of the bests in your area who know what she or he is doing. Good luck.


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