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Hi ladies, so the begging of March I saw the consultant who is pretty sure I have endo, she told me to have my pill for 6 months straight with no period. However to be certain it's endo, where about's it is and the stage it's at needs a laproscopy and I'm not really prepared to wait 6 months until I see the consultabg again as its already been 6 years waiting to be diagnosed. So I wondered I'm going to my GP today if I can get an appointment is there anything they will be able to do or able to refer me anywhere, or get in touch with my consultant to speed things up? Or to get me in for a laproscopy? Thanks everyone for the continued support xx

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It's a long process I've been in and outta the doctors since November trying to get pushed along. I got told its was a 6month wait for the lap. Try and get refered to see the hospital gyne and phone everyday to see if they have any cancellation and get in via them, I only waited a week to them. I've gone privately now cause it's taken too long, so I know ur pain x


I'd go back to your GP, re-emphasise your symptoms and ask them to write to your consultant. Maybe you too could write to your consultant doing the same?. Good luck xx


Hi both, thank you for you advice and help, I haven't managed to get to see my doctor this week so I will try again next week. Also I think writing is a good idea too I have the consultants secretary's number so I may also try ringing that see what they can do. I don't really want to have to wait 6 months. Thank you for the help and advice ladies I really appreciate it, I hope your both well. Xx

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I would call the consultants secretary and tell them how much agony in and that you need the laraposopy as a matter of urgency. Ask them to call you if they have a cancellation. Call the secretary weekly so they get the message clearly that you can't wait.  I did all the above and it worked.  I do hope you get some relief soon. 


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