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Mirena coil, bleeding

I had the mirena coil fitted last Tuesday and I started my period yesterday. It was 2 months late when I had it fitted so I knew when it finally appeared it would be awful but this is horrendous. Bright red blood, heavy and SO painful. And I mean so painful to the point I get dizzy and feel I am about to pass out. I've never had cramps like this before and I've never had a period this bad and I suffer with awful periods. 

I understand that it takes a little while for the coil to settle, my auntie has endo and she said the coil really helped but took a while to settle so I will try and be patient. 

Has anyone else had a horrendous period at the beginning but then ended up with a good experience in the long run? 

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It's perfectly normal hun! I had exactly the same experience! 

I had the mirena fitted during my laparoscopy last year, and I suffered th most horrendous pelvic pain for a while after insertion. The pain was worse when I would pass urine, and the back pain was awful!!! When I first had it inserted I was bleeding all the time, and they would last for so long and it was ridiculously heavy! I was surprised I had any blood left lol! I could hardly stand up and I genuinely thought something was wrong cos you hear all these horror stories about the coil getting lost or perforating your womb etc. But I was told it was normal and to battle through because it willing pass, which it did, only the back pain didn't. I had it taken out in February this year because it wasn't helping and the back pain has disappeared! What a relief haha! :) It have worked for so many people, but unfortunately I wasn't one of them. 

Good luck hun 


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I had that for six months, it was dreadful. It did settle down for a while but then started playing up again because it had moved out of place. I know some people have had good results with it but I am really not a fan!

Good luck with it xx


Do give it time, it may be the best thing for you. 

I had mine fitted 12 weeks ago, and there have been times I wanted it taken out. I have had one period since having it fitted and that was very painful and heavy. And normally my periods were regular, I have noticed that the following month I had mild period like cramps and I kept thinking my period was on the way, but it didn't come and the pain passed. And at an endometriosis support meeting a nurse mentioned that your body is still ovulating and that's why you can experience cramps, and quite a few girls experience that.

I did have bleeding and then gradually spotting for the first 2 months. I was sick of wearing sanitary pads all the time! But now I don't have any bleeding what so ever, and I hope it carries on! 

Hope it works out for you xx

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Hi there, I never normally reply to things on here as I feel useless myself! However in this case I might have some info! Hahaa:)  my sister had the cool fitted about a year ago.. And yes it can take a while for your body to get used to it. But her body adjusted to it, But then after a while she had symptoms like you, the awful pain and bleeding a lot etc. and it was actually her body rejecting the coil as it didn't agree with her in the end, and she's awaiting to have it removed actually, it's nothing really to worry about! Every woman is so so different and some women get on with it and some don't. I wasn't as brave as you as I had the contraceptive implant put in and I have bled at all! Maybe try that? But deffo speak to your doctor or you can call the out of hour doctor on 111 if you live in the UK they will tell you weather you need some extra help or it will just settle. They wouldn't want you to loose too much blood. 

I really hope this helps a bit!! 

Get well soon Hun x

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