Newly diagnosed with endo after lap yesterday.

Hi everyone,

I am newly diagnosed with endo after a lap yesterday which I am relieved that I've finally had after 10 months of waiting & finally getting diagnosed with endo which I had already told myself I had endo months & months ago when symptoms started! So I'm feeling a bit sore & uncomfortable today just wanted to know everyone who's been through a lap recovery times best things to do etc? I saw the doctor who said they managed to remove most of the endo but wouldn't touch the endo that was on my ureter, so she mentioned something about having to have injections for 6 months weekly? This was about 15 mins after I got back to the ward so I was still out of it a bit from the anasethic & morphine but she mentioned I would get an appointment in 4 weeks, just looking for other people's advice & opinions.

Hugs x

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  • I have had my second lap and I am 28 years old. Just take it easy, I had my lap on Thurs and am still sore and dozy. Drink plenty of water to not dehydrate, relax, and if you need to sleep - sleep! Lots of herbal tea is helpful too. Hope you're ok and feel free to reach out any time x x

  • Thanks samanthaanne, I'm 27 so there's not much age difference between us :) I'm in bed but struggling to get comfy to sleep and lastnight was a nightmare every time I kept getting up for the loo it was like my stitches / incisions are pulling. Hopefully you feel better soon too. X

  • I know that feeling :( even going to the loo hurts! I highly recommend taking meds straight before sleep. I have been putting a pillow just under my stomach, it helps with the pain, give it a try x

  • It's awful! I have 3 incisions they said the endo was worse on my left side which makes sense as that's where I get the most pain! It's fine when lying down but getting up to go loo etc is nightmare it's like their pulling tightly. I've been taken cocodamol, paracetamol & ibuprofen il try some painkillers just before bed tonight and see how I get on. Hope you make a speedy recovery Hun. Xx

  • Same as me 3 incisions! I had it on the left too. Sounds like we have had exactly mirrored ops! Sleep well too hun xxx

  • So nice to know there's other people around my age going through the same thing.

    I'm 26, I'm 11 days post op and only started to feel human yesterday.

    Just rest and relax as much as you can, however hard it is.

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • I'm 11 days post lap and still getting over it in terms of being tired and still having stitches, but moving around comfortably. Last night was the first night I didn't have to sleep with a pillow under my stomach. I took ibuprofen, paracetamol and morpine for the first few days and dropped the morphine after about three days. Take it easy and listen to your body. Get well soon x

  • Ps my worst was also on my left! X

  • Thanks both, it's just the uncomfortable feeling & the pain when trying to get up. I've just taken co codamol and planning on an early night. I'm trying to rest as much as I can but isn't always that easy with a bossy 6 year old daughter lol :) but she understands I'm not well and has been excellent . Hopefully your both on the mend now and we'll on the road to recovery il be glad when I am. Take care xx

  • The best thing you can do during your recovery is to follow the drs orders no matter how stir crazy you get & to try avoid alot of lifting & bending& gradually allow your body to work back into it& whatever you do avoid the vacuum cleaner...oh& when you do bend or lightly lift put more muscle in your legs& try that way ...I wish you a successful recovery lady

  • Hi my name is Kay& I am on the 5th time of endometrios & I understand your misery my best suggestion for you is to go see a surgeon O.B so that they can remove your ovaries& felopian tubes than afterwards start you on them lupron depo shots but anyways if you get them parts removed than it can no longer grow on them particular areas ... I wish you luck

  • Hi I'm on 3rd lap in recovery now it's the end of week 2 and I'm much better then I was. Feel all your pain week one was the hardest best advice I have is yes herbal tea! I was surprised how much peppermint tea helped me with the trapped gas, pain relief until you feel like you can reduce it, try walking around a little each day and sleep as much as you need too! I am going to try going back to work tomorrow stiches are healing but can feel inside it may take longer as it pulls when I cough or sneeze. Careful with cocodomal in my experience it left me very constipated and considering it was hard to go loo after surgery anyway it made it worse, but that's just my experience. Heat pads are good for shoulder pain if you have that, I did and it really hurt. There is light at the end of it all hopefully you start felling better soon, oh yes try not to bend over to much or lift heavy things. I'm having first period after surgery and it's different but I was told it would be unpredictable the true test will be the next once. I also go back in a few weeks to see how I'm getting on.

  • Thanks for the advice. Tweety6955 I feel right now that I don't want my ovaries etc removed as I am only 27 I would like another child at some point and feel like it's definitely to early for me to think about things like that yet, I have a follow up appointment in 4 weeks time so I can see what my options are as something to help with the pain would be ideal as I really struggle before my period & when ovulating. And guess I will still suffer as they wont remove it from my ureter incase they do any significant damage which is understandable. I have been walking around a little but spending most of it in bed also drinking peppermint tea as I can't stop farting after the gas lol tmi I know haha. The cocodamol helps me sleep majorly lastnight leaning my stomach on a pillow just have to take it one day at a time. I am going to London in 2 weeks for my daughters birthday so I hope to be much better by then. Also constipation front is ok with me as I have lactulose so that's keeping my bowels ok. Hope your all on the mend ladies, I'm feeling a bit sad that this is something I'll have to deal with for many years & may struggle to conceive again naturally but I have to try and keep positive or I will fall apart. X

  • Also I meant to say my period was actually due the day of my lap 13th. But didn't show I started bleeding yesterday so not sure if it's my period or bleeding after the op as they said might have bleeding after op? With the endo my periods are all over the place as it is sometimes their 4 weeks late sometimes like clockwork.. All part of the endo I suppose! X

  • I would take it easy you don't need to think that far ahead, I've had severe Endo for over ten years and had chronic pain during ovulation and during menstration and had nothing removed as I don't have kids. I found laps have helped reduce my pain, interim measures of taking the pill reduces growth rate etc there are many options you have. You are still young and have a child, see what all your options are from the specialist.

  • Yes i certainly will, I want to see what all my options are first before making any decisions. I hope and pray to be blessed with another child one day my daughter asks for a sister or brother all the time hard to explain to her etc. But time is a healer x

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