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Help me!

please can someone give me some advice! I'm desperate! I'm 23 and have two children! My eldest 5 and youngest 2. The last two periods I have had have ended  up with me in a&e! My period has bled into my pelvis! First time had an operation! Second time I was violently sick all over myself and sent home from hospital with s pill change! I'm rolling on the floor in pain I'm losing the will to live! Am I suffering with endometriosis? 

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Hi , it's possible that it's endo, have they done any texts scans etc, ask your gp to refer you to an endo specialist at a bsge centre good luck


You could be suffering from endometriosis or it also sounds similar to what my friend has where she bleeds into her cervix and she has terrible pain. The best thing you can do is get your GP to refer you to a gynocologist and test for all things and then you will have a clearer view on your treatment going forward. Self diagnosis isn't very fail safe but reading up about what you might have before you see a Gyno is definitely worth while and also questioning what other symptoms you have. Painful sex is a common symptom of endo but also is common for cervical problems etc. 


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