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I had a lararoscopy on 11th January 16 and then I had a MRI scan about 2 weeks later. I've had my results back on 16th February, where the surgeon referred me to an endometriosis specialist at North Staffordshire Hospital. Does anyone have any ideas as to how long I may have to wait to be seen to at this hospital as I've still not heard anything from them.


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  • This normally takes 4-8 weeks however follow It up and contact them and ensure they are on the ball. If you are in pain severely go to your GP and see if they can fast track.

  • Thank you. I will give my GP a call and see if they can do anything.

  • Hi Hun I'm been treated at the north staffs hospital too, who are you been treated by? I'm still waiting for an appointment from them too xx

  • I'm not sure who is going to be treating me. The surgeon at Leighton hospital has referred me there as I have endometriosis which has fussed my ovary and fallopian tube together and I have endometriosis on my cervix.

  • 6 weeks I waited after my op at Christmas to see consultant xx

  • Hi I had to wait 12 weeks , after being referred by gynae after I had an endometrioma cyst removed, and lots of endo found....he then asked me to have prostap and he would see me again in another 12 weeks...having to wait 20 weeks due to him being not much longer to wait now....good luck with your appointment x

  • I'm hoping I don't have to wait much longer as it's my time of the month this weekend and I'm in alot of pain

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