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Out of work

I've had endo for more than 20 years and apart for about 8 major flare ups I've managed to work. However since last September the pain has been unbearable I've been admitted 3 times since but been sent home eventually with painkillers.

Last time I was in they gave me a prostap injection which I'm to have it every 4 weeks I'm due my second next week. The painkillers I was discharged with didn't touch me me so my GP has giving me pregablin 600mg a day naproxen and norethisterone to stop my bleeding. This still didn't touch me so I'm now on morphine patches and oramorph for breakthrough pain during the day. This seems to be working which is great but it doesn't help me to go back to work.

I only started my job last July but because I've been off a few times I now only get SSP which is barely anything compared to my wage before my boss is really understanding.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel pain wise but how can I work on the amount of morphine I'm  on???

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