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Endometrium deposits

Hi ladies I was wondering if anyone has ever had endometrium deposits in there c section scars they are quite big lumps and due to me having endometriosis they doctors assume they are this I'm waiting to see a gyni doctor but it's nearly 7 weeks away and the pain is unbearable the 3 lumps burn I have chronic cramping but no bleeding as I have had my womb cortarised with the nova sure procedure I'm currently struggling to move bend or anything with out setting the burning stabing sensation of and was wondering if anyone knows more about these as I just keep getting told I'm a complicated case thank you in advance

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This is rare and should only be dealt with in a specialist endo centre so is this where you are being seen? Another lady posted recently about the same thing. This thread might help.


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Hi thank you very much for your help I'm going to see a specialist who deals with this sort of problem I've tried researching but like you say it's very rare :( X X


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