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Feel bit alienated!!!


At the moment i'm tryin to figure out how in heavens name am i suppose to deal with eatin out. I've started the endo diet and its goin great But when it comes to eatin out i just wanna scream cos theirs hardly anythin to eat in the restuarants. How are u guys copin with all of this? somebody told me to cook at home and take it my own food with (yeah great ) then i might just stay at home. It aint izzy, or am i over reactin to much😏

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Hi! I've not tried endo diet yet; do you mean going gluten free?


Yep my diet is

Gluten free, wheat free, soya free, sugar free, diary free. I've posted a book that i bought for endo diet have a look.

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I'd be interested to know if that's working for you. I've noticed chocolate and coffee and alcohol (all the best things!) upset my stomach so I'm trying to avoid them. The doc told me that change of diet wouldn't make a difference though so I'm not sure x


Hello, I'm trying this at the mo. Jury's out on how much of a difference it's made as I've just had my first lap too but I'm persevering for now. Restaurants - generally it's a fish based choice, my local pub does a great roasted fish and chips. I know chips aren't strictly OK as most of the books cut most oils too but I figure a date / friends really makes the difference on sticking to the diet and going mad. I was keen on Thai till I realised they add palm sugar to most recipes (home made is fine tho - good ol Thai green curry!) Chinese - what gave you decided about soy sauce? I've read that fermented soya eg soy sauce and miso is fine. Id be interested to know what you've decided. Chinese stir fry could fit too if soy sauce is ok (avoid oyster sauce for its sugar and skip the white rice)

Tapas - I went out with mates recently to a tapas bar and it was pretty good as we could order things that I could and couldn't have and just pick and chose between them. Or if it's lunch, a baked potato and humus could work instead of a sandwich. Or a chicken Sunday roast is fairly ok I think?

I guess it depends how varied your local restaurants - I'm in London so lots of choice and so far mates are being v supportive and trying to go places that are easier for me (posh burger places def aren't!!) or I invite round and cook for them. It's really hard sometimes tho and I nearly cried the other day when the only thing on the menu I could eat had run out (fortunately they found me something else)

Sounds like you're doing brilliantly X


I do the endo diet but still eat brown bread.

Also they say eggs are a no go , but I live on them as the health benefits are amazing.

Starter could be;

salmon raw or cooked?

egg and cress

chicken salad

mains I do;

Chicken skewers

chicken breast and veg

roast dinner (chicken)

sweet and sour chicken cooked at home

Tuna mayo sandwich brown bread

olive or Bert olive butter

I eat mainly chicken as it's protein

afters are a no go as loaded with diary.

Ready salted crisps

decaf black tea. (Red bush is lovely)

breakfast is egg on toast no butter.

sometimes fried, poached and scrambled.


This has been my diet for 8 months I've lost 3 stone and have definitely noticed reduced pain.

stay away from big supermarkets as the choice depresses me cos I realise what I can't have.

cheese, fried foods, beef , spicy, milk cheese, cakes, cream,and white bread causes definite pain so I don't touch. But my bowel is stuck to my womb.

keep postitive it was hard at first but I'm used to it now.

Also high sat fats are no go.

hope this helps



For those of you who haven't tried it


I didn't find it that bad to be honest as long as you stick to these points

1. Avoid Italian food!

2. Avoid all chain restaurants I.e. Tgi's etc as their stuff is usually a load of high sat rubbish anyway

3. Soy is more difficult - the odd Chinese won't kill you, blackbean is a good choice, Thai food is a good alternative and healthier. You can find healthy restaurants doing Thai/a range of foods in your area if you google. Just a thought but what about checking out kosher restaurants, they are def gluten free and there will be tonnes if you are near a big city.

4. Avoid steak

5. Seafood restaurants are amazing!

6. Lots of chicken

7. Pass on the desert - dairy and choc a no no



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