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So back to GP today 11 days post laparoscopy and I have yet another confirmed UTI despite the fact I am on long term preventative anti biotics! There was no endo effecting my bladder and I had a cystoscopy which showed deep cystitis in my bladder hense the preventative anti biotics.. Has anyone else got any experience with UTI problems and what can I do to help this stop happening again... It's making me feel pretty rough right now and even having kidney pains!

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What has happened to you since ? It is outrageous this carry on what I find in the Forums is a disgrace & proof another METO situation?.I have had to be on my case since pubity

Even though done lots to assist the Medics in my treatment so not so time consuming & ineffectual & dangerous do they adapt , restructure so patient orientated ??!!!They hoodwink us online so it appears hunky dory with NHS Constitution no way just look at European statistics in treatments.

Nothing appears to be fit for purpose


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