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Hi,I had my fourth lap and ablation of endo in sept.Ive not been well since.I had prostrap injection last month and another one Monday-I'm climbing the walls in pain since about 4 am yesterday-tramadol is not even helping!It was my brothers birthday yesterday and I think I spoiled the day by appearing drunk when I was actually In pain and on painkillers.Any advice??xxx

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If your climbing the walls maybe go to A and E, and tell them you have been in pain like this ever since your lap in September - you may of caught an infection or something- it doesn't sound right At all - I would urgently ask for an MRI that will show up if there is anything that they did in September that has cause you to be in so much pain - get to A and E today if you can!! I am on the injections my second month of taking them improved massively - tramadol won't help with the pain at all you need to go to your G P and ask for A stronger ibrprfen which only a doctor can subscribe they MAtracide something like that's of spelt it wrong - if you have a lot of carbs this won't help you need a low carb diet if you have endo and you need to look into changing what you eat - I have had to -'

Good luck let me know how you get on x


Hi I agree with Laura go to A&E you may have an infection. I'm 3 wks post op from laparoscopic removal of ovaries tubes and cervix as well as excision, I had sepsis a few days later and ended up back in, I was in agony. But I have hardly any pain now. I was also on prostap prior to the op which really helped with Endo pain xxx


I agree with what the other ladies said, def not normal to be in so much pain. When I first started on prostap I actually found that my pain stopped altogether it was just side effects of depression that I struggled with xx


Morning,Thankyou all for your replies.I was admitted in hospital the early hours on Sunday morning and was kept on gynae ward until last night.Luckily the consultant I am under was the on call consultant or I'd have been kept in until today.He said when I had the injection last Monday I should have had hrt prescibed as that helps ease some of the symptoms.I had a scan and he said my ovaries have stopped working now so I left with a bag of painkillers and HRT patches.Hopefully I should see some improvement now.Thankyou all again xxx


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