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POS Total Hysterectomy

Hello Ladies, so already had my Total hysterectomy done the day before yesterday. They found a lot o endometriosis under my rib cage and also on my left side, that's why my shooting pains through out my left leg. They also found endo on the bladder which it did not show up on MRI. What they were already expecting was endo behind the uterus stuck to the sigmoid colon, which luckily was persevered . Other then that all the endo was excised and removed.

I hope nothing will happen from now on.  2 days after , still in very much pain. A lot of back pain as well. What's worrying me is the pain and burning sensation down my leg, last night was terrible. Still very difficult to turn sideways. I like to sleep on my left hand side and can't, it hurts too much. Still feel a lot of gas passing through my intestines, feel a lot of discomfort and hard to breathe but it must be normal because everything is bruised :(

I will have to have so much patience at this stage.... But I'm so lucky to have my partner that helps in everything , bless him. 

Thank you ladies , hope is well .

I appreciate any advise, opinions etc.. That can ease my pain

Kind regards 

Carla 😘

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Hi Carla

This is such early days. You will have had an awful lot of tissue cut and a lot of nerves will have been aggravated. You sound to almost certainly have had endo removed from your uterosacral ligaments which are in the pouch of douglas between the back of the uterus and the sigmoid colon and the nerves that run across the ligaments refer pain to the legs. The left is usually the side affected as the sigmoid colon enters the pelvis on the left. So although it will be little consolation in terms of your suffering this is likely to be normal for what you have had done. You should feel some improvement in a couple of weeks or so but don't be worried if you don't. Your body has an awful lot of healing to do. It may take some months for it all to settle down so let your lovely partner spoil you for as long as it takes. x


I was having a lot of difficulty breathing before my op, but this suddenly went about 5 days afterwards. It is still a bit up and down but much better than before. Wherever they have removed things from is going to be inflamed and sore for a while, but will hopefully improve over the next few weeks.

I was still getting a lot of wind up until about 6 days ago, then I started following the diet advice for candida because they are both encouraged by oestrogen so if you've got lots of endo you've probably got candida overgrowth too. So it might be worth looking into that once you're feeling a bit better.

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I think mine was as bad as urs I have the pain down both legs left is the wasted side I think mine has speed as badly as urs had. Now I feel I'm seeing the pic a lot more that's going on inside me I understand why iv had to up my pain medication and what's happening inside me. Was u always bring up sick but not enough to be sick just swallow it so I know it sounds disgusting but I'm looking for more answers . I can't move as much I drop from the tummy pain not just my legs iv put on 4st in 6 months from this and I'm dieting on top pls if u can tell me anymore about before and what I'm expecting afterwards I have 5 children to look after I want to know what I'm expecting ahead if u don't mind I'm losing myself worth alsorts pls if u can help me in anyway I'd be so greatful I'm sure ur suffering really badly and I understand if u can't rest is very important now for u good luck I'm glad it's over for u xxx


I had mine done on Friday. There were a few complications namely they couldn't get the tube down my throat, and getting in was hard due to hernia repair previously so had to put camera under ribs. I have been taking peppermint capsules and they help with the gas.


Did things improve, Carla? I hope so!


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