Falling apart

Hi I'm sat on my sofa feeling like a unattractive mess, I feel bloated constantly since starting Zoladex, the bone pain in my legs and feet makes me feel older than my years, I'm feeling negative about everything. I'm trying to feel positive but it's hard. I'm tired constantly, my weight is creeping up, before I was diagnosed with endo I ran and was a heathy happy weight. My mind tells me go for a run but my body is just to sore. Does anyone feel the same? How do you cope? How do I curb my hunger? Does anyone have any advice for heathy eating on a budget? Sorry for the moan. I hope your all ok and doing well. Thanks in advance. Mandy x

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  • Hi Mandi, I can't relate to the zoladex pain just the general bloating, pain, more pain...increased pain & lack of energy etc. Have you tried any gentle excersize such as tai chi or yoga? It may help, it's not often that I do it but when I was diagnosed with Endo' I started tai chi & found it really helped. Wishing you well or at least a little respite Kx

  • Thanks kelysims, I've just joined yoga I'm going to give it ago. Thanks for your advice i appreciate it. Hope your well x

  • I feel the same. I had a couple of good weeks and started doing some toning exercise and just being generally more active. But then the endometriosis pain started and apart from walking I can't do the other stuff. I will do more when this flare up goes but I just want to lose weight and feel better about myself.

  • Hi

    I am on the injections and on month 4 of taking them -it doesn't really do anything the first month of having them - out may get the odd flush when your in bed - I notice I felt better on month 2 of having them- the injections have helped me and I can have a more active life - these injections start of early menapause and shut down your overies - I am on the waiting list for a hysterectomy it is all growing in my uterus!! I am 45 I have had my children!! I have heard that Oxford is a specialist endo hospital ask your doctor about this if you live near there.. I am on a low carb diet to and that has helped my pain - what you eat can make things worse - carbs can make you bloated and the pain worse.. Good luck x

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