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Lavh with bso


New here, I've had 4 laps to remove endo and finally had a hystrectomy with both ovaries removed 5 mths ago, have recovered ok but started to take estrogen hrt and endo pain back like before hystrectomy have stopped hrt but does anyone know if it's possible to grow back so quickly, asked consultant & does not believe it's possible, don't know what to do re hrt only 39 yrs old, don't want endo back either, feeling a bit down as feel had hystrectomy for nothing.

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Hi did you have excision at the time of hysterectomy? If not that is why you are still in pain as a hysterectomy & ovary removal will not not cure endometriosis. If endometriosis was left the it can produce its own oestrogen so then feeds it's self.


Hi yes they removed endo as well, had it on my anterior wall of the rectum, I was feeling great after hysterectomy up until I started hrt & that's when the pelvic pain started again & pain down both legs same as endo pain before, have follow up soon with consultant so will ask more then, I was told hystrectomy does not cure endo is some cases I was just wondering if taking hrt had in effect woken endo up.


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