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Absolute agony :(

After having abdominal cramps most of the day I was so pleased to finish work and finally go home.

About 2 hours after being at home I suddenly got excruciating abdominal pain and hip pain. After thinking I was going to have an accident or bleed, I went to the toilet, realising that my temperature had sky rocketed.

My temperature is all over the place and I keep having diarrhoea.

Do you think I should let my gynaecologist know incase something is wrong or is this normal?

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Hi Becca it sounds like you could of had a cyst rupture. I would go to a&e to get checked out.


The pain seems to have lessened so I'm going to ring the hospital I am at tomorrow! Thank you x


That sounds very familiar as I have the same issue for nearly 2 yrs now. I get chills and sweats with the cramps and have prayed for death during the diarrhea. I would let the gyno kno. You could have endo on you bowels.


I'm so sorry that you've had to experience this too!

I'll let my doctor know just incase. It feels like absolute hell :(


I agree with the first reply that they are the signs I was warned to look for as it could point to a ruptured cyst. Please get checked out asap! Hope you're ok x


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