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In agony

Hi ladies, so today iv woken up with such bad back pain iv taken tramadol and co codamol and no relief! Normally I only take just co codamol or 1 tramadol today iv had to take both. Has anyone got any suggestions what else could ease the pain, it's so agonising I could rip my hair out I just can't settle or get comfy. I can't even try and sleep to take it away because the pain won't let me.

Hope everyone is ok and thanks for any advice in advance :) xx

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My ggoodnes!! You must be in agony if those powerful pills dont work!! Sounds like you need morphine injections from hospital/ docs.good luck.x


Has the pain settled any soph?

If not I'd try to get to the doctors or hospital and see if they will give you some morphine,

I do hope you're feeling better xxx


Have you tried anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen? I found it sometimes works better for my back pain than co-codamol


I know it's of no use unless you can access an out of hours gp but I suffer the same symptoms. I've started using a 100mg diplofenic suppository. I use it before bed and it really works. I still take 1x tramadol and 2x 15mg/500mg Co-codamol throughout the day but I'm comfortable so long as I don't move!


Maybe try with two tramadol and 2 cocodamol see if that helps if my pain is really bad I usually have to go to hospital to be giving a morphine injection maybe try rubbing tiger balm or deep heat into your back or heat patch or hot water bottle hope u feel better soon xx


Hi everyone thank you so much for all your help and advice it really means so much. I ended up taking 2 tramadol and 2 co codamol and they just took a while to kick in. I also used tiger balm and the pain eased a little to be able to sit comfortably. I really appreciate all your comments it's so nice to be able to ask for help and everyone be so lovely.

I hope everyone is ok xxx



I can take up to 8 tramadol daily (normal dose is half that)but I find I can't sleep with tramadol if the pain is that bad I would go to a and e or try and be seen by the out of hours doctor although I don't think they can give you anything stronger than tramadol I have been given tramadol by injection as it sometimes works better.I hope that you get sorted soon I have had plenty of nights awake trying to deal with the pain so I know what it's like.



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