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Daily struggle

Hi everyone, I had my first lap back in Dec on the 14th, I've got severe endo, has my Fallopian tube removed and a large right cyst. My endo is on my bowel and pelvic wall. My uterus is reported to be bulky too.i commenced Zoladex whist on the hospital ward. I'm due my fourth injection next week. Just wondered has anyone experienced fluid retention, back pain, bone pain to arms legs wrist and something that troubles me is night hunger.My sleep is poor but when I do sleep I wake with hunger pains . my teeth are very sensitive to. Any advice please?? I take zopiclone to help me to sleep.

Thanks in advance x

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Hi hun. Glad your surgery is over and your on treatment.

What is next steps?

Found this on net as side effects;  The hot flashes, flushing, slight weight gain, night sweats, trouble sleeping, muscle aches, moodiness, anxiety, vaginal dryness and lack of sex drive . Also bone ache. So seems like what your suffering with is normal.

They say it wears off tho and is great for pain management.


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I hoping so Booboo08. Hope your well xx


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