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Transvagional scan and internal pain

Morning everyone :) when I have to have either an internal or a smear test ( I've had 2 smears and 4 internals last year ) every time it always started my period off, so my periods we're all over the place last year, does anyone know what causes that and also wen I had my internal an transvaginal scan it hurt on my left side but the doctors couldn't see anything, could this be down to endo, I'm due to have laparoscopy two weeks today to check for endo. Thanks in advance :)

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Hi, I always bleed after a smear but it's just for one day, it doesn't start a period. My doctor said bleeding after a smear doesn't happen to everyone but it's still considered normal reaction for some women, and she always asked if I had a pad with me and have me one if I didn't and said I might bleed that day. Still, it probably shouldn't trigger period. I don't know what could be causing this. Is your next appointment any time soon?



I go mid cycle as you should for a smear and my period always starts the next day. A full on period, not just a bleed! I have been told this is quite normal, hormones are stimulated by physically having it done. I refuse internals now.


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