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Internal ultrasound question

Hi guys

I am in process of diagnosis and have an internal ultrasound booked in may.

Like most endo sufferers I have pain during and after sex. When the gynae gave me an internal exam it was extremely painful. I was sick with pain for hours afterwards.

I am really worried about the internal ultrasound. I know it should be painless for most women, but if my gynae exam hurt, surely the ultrasound will? Can anyone share their experience? X

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I find it uncomfortable but not painful like the exam. Its not as deep as you think and the radiographer is usually more aware. Just explain you find it painful and they ease. I always have internals due to tilted womb. Hope this helps x


I requested an MRI because I knew from previous painful internal examination that an ultrasound would simply not be possible Even though an ultrasound would probably have been better to have a look at my ovaries. Specialist agreed immediately. Sometimes you have to remind them about things.

Raise this with your consultant. If they already know you have issues then it's a bit silly to send you for U/S.


It does depend on how big the probe is as to the level of pain or discomfort. Some hosps hve larger dildo shaped probes and yes that can cause pain- but some hosps the more modern sort have very thin probes with a bulb or ball on the tip. it goes in a lot easier and once its in the shaft of the probe is narrower than any tampon...more like a pen in width, so those one don't cause anywhere near the discomfort of the chunky ones.

You could phone the local hosp to ask which probes they use for the tvus.

Then look it up online to see which sort it is and then make up your mind.

They use plenty of lube and I mean PLENTY so the tranducer works, just as they would on the outside of the tummy.

You do not need to attend the procedure with a full bladder like you would with a tummy scan. quite the oppoiste you need an empty bladder for this one so you are not lying back on the couch bursting for a pee.

I cannot abide having a smear done or speculum for anything without anaesthetic it is just too painful. These I have to have done in hosp with entonox and pain relief - but the TVUS is not a problem for me at all. It can tug a bit inside when the move the probe, but it isn't stretching anything so it shouldn't cause nearly so much pain.

If you try it and it does cause too much pain - please inform the sonographer and thy will remove the probe right away.

you can take muscle relaxant pain killers beforehand if you want to - it won't affect the scan and might help you not to feel so much discomfort.

They are useful to have because they do show up so much more than an over the tummy scan will show.

Wear a long flared skirt - gypsie type which you can scoot under your bum, but still drape over your knees to protect your modesty and keep your legs warm. Wiggling your toes while the probe goes in is an excellent pain nerve distractor. and keep wiggling them as and when you might need it.

After the scan is done they remove the probe (which has a condom fitted over it) and hand you paper towels to wipe away the loads of goop lubricant before you put your knickers back on. that's all there is to it -job done.

and do talk to the sonographer - ask them to point out what they are looking at so you can see what your insides look like on the scan.

If they spot any cysts or fibroids etc then they freeze frame the image and measure the dimensions - leaving the probe in you while they do that.

Honestly for me and knowing the severe pains the speculum causes me- the transvaginal was a breeze. I've had 3 of those and the 1st one was with the whopper probe and wasn't nice but stillno where as bad as a speculum - the last two were with the skinny ones at a different hosp and they were no problem at all.


Thank you so much for your replies. I have been worrying for months, don't know why I haven't posted on here before! It sounds like everyone is different but I should be ok. Will definitely take some painkillers before I go. Thank you :) x


My gp gave me diazepam to take for before because I work my self up and get tence after years of pain which I think makes it worse! But taking the diazepam before hand chilled me out then just took some tramodol for the pain! Good luck x


I already have diazepam for a fear of flying so I could take of of that! I only have 5mg though, how much did they prescribe you?x



I found it totally painless but it all depends where your endo is. Like the ladies above, some have very painful smear tests where as to me I get no pain what so ever. Just tell the radiographer you experience severe pain and I'm sure they'll be very careful x


It wasn't painful for me, just uncomfortable. I suspect in the vast majority of cases they prefer to give you an ultrasound over an MRI due to cost so are unlikely to easily agree to the other.


I find ultrasound scans painful but bearable. It doesn't take long and areas of pain can tell the consultant a lot. I find deep breathing can help. Good luck x


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