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Swollen feet and legs with severe pain in the calves and heel

Hi Lindle

I had very bad endometriosis which came out with my first laproscopy. It has been 5 months and had been on zoladex 3.5 mg. Since Nov last week I was having severe pain in the calves and heels. It continued with my hands and fingers as well. I am feeling terrible if i work for 1 hour. I was unable walk or stand for long time. I have slight swellings in legs and hands (mostly fingers). The pain is bad and also went to doppler ultrasound found the result is all good. Please give any useful suggestions.

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Hi it sounds like it could be a side effect of the Zoladex. It can cause bone and joint pain. It can also affect bone density. I would go back to GP or phone surgeons office.


Thank you for your reply and I saw the gp yesterday and should see how it will go.


This sounds like it could be a reaction to the Zokadex. I read on another forum a woman having similar issues with Lupron (similar drug) & she had to stop the injections. During your last laparoscopy did you have thorough excision surgery with a skilled endo specialist to remove the endo as this would negate the need to be on Zoladex anyway? Zoladex at best only shows a slight reduction of the endo itself - it does not treat endo.


Thanks for your reply. I had the surgery done by a specialist and am fine after that with the tummy cramps. I was also adviced to stop the last dose and even then I am having all these side effects.


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