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Right diagnosis?

Hello ladies. I had an explorative lap on saturday to look for signs of endo. As I pretty much all of the symptoms and it's really starting to affect me at work. I was told that I did not have it but that my hormones were sending my bowel and womb in severe spasm. I was told that my bowel goes across the left hip which is why I have so much pain there.

I'm a little concerned as my doctor was not a specialist. I don't want it to sound as though I want it or anything but I'm worried about living many more years in pain. I was just told to go on the pill constantly to stop me having periods. Am just a little worried.

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Hi! Sorry you are not able to get an answer soon enough. You and I are about the same age and we are getting exactly the same symptoms/timeslines. I have also been put on birth control pills and the pain I am having during bowel movement (3 times/morning) is unbearable. I have been in touch with a top endo surgeon in the US and he is pretty sure my bowel is stuck somewhere. So I think it is the same situation for you even though the doctor couldn't find it out.

Right now I am just playing this waiting game and see how far this bcp can take me. All my other symptoms have almost disappeared since on the pills though. It is just the bowel pain that agonizes me everyday.

I hope you can keep pushing for an answer, as you probably also know they just missed it.

Wish you a speedy recovery. I haven't had any lap myself but even the thought of it scares me.



I have had similar symptoms I had a lap last March and was also told no endo I have still been unwell since then bad periods bowel pain go told me it ibs been on ins meds not much help tried one birth control pill. After surgery didn't help made things worse saw gynae again last month on different pill which is helping a bit I still get a lot of bowel pain though when going to the toilet as well I agree we don't really want a diagnosis of it but we don't want to be ill and in pain either and worry if something is there after all it good to know there are others in similar situation xx


I'm sorry to hear you're sore too! I know what you mean. I'm just scared about being in pain for the next few years since I'm only 24. Feel like an old woman already!


I'm sorry that you're in so much pain! I understand as I have agonising bowel movements too. My bcp has slightly taken the edge off but I'm still in pain in my back, hip and bowel.

The lap was nothing to worry about! I was really scared as it was my first operation, but I don't even remember falling asleep and the next thing I knew they were telling me I was waking up from the anesthetic. So don't be scared! Was just like having a sleep :) I hope things get sorted out for you!


Hi, stay strong, and i feel the same way, i know you dont want to have pain no one else does and i would feel the same way as you if the doctor said that to me because i do have same symptoms as you bowel and pain in uterus, you are saying that the doctor was not a specialist was he a gynaecologist or not?


He was a gyne but not a specialist in endo. Everyone keeps on telling me that they'd know what they were looking for and they wouldn't of missed it. I keep on being told it'll be better after I have children, but I don't think so. Makes me feel stupid! The bcp isn't controlling my pain either. I don't want to be in pain everyday!!

I'm sorry to hear you're in pain too. I hope it gets sorted for you!


If i was told what your doctor said to you, I would not go on the birth control pills because they mess your system, and can give you side affects and more pain.

I think you should try making an appointment elsewhere, try somewhere else if you dont feel comfortable with the doctor or he is not giving you answers. You can try making an appointment with an endo specialist, my gyne is someone from the nhs but he is a specialist in endo.


Thank you for your reply!

I've been on yasmin for a little while now as it's too painful to have periods!

I have an appointment with a gp on Monday and try to discuss it with him. Am a bit worried that he'll just say the same. But I shall try!


Good luck, hope everything goes well for you.

i think you should complain to him a lot thats what i did explained all of my symptoms and she referred me straight away. Tell him where you went they did not understand you and you are still in pain hopefully everything will be alright for you. :)


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