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A little advice please


Hi everyone,

I just wanted some advice really and some thoughts from other sufferers of Endometriosis. Over the years I have been suffering from really painful periods which got progressively worse, then extreme pelvic pain and upset bowel. About 4 months ago they suspected that I had Endometriosis so a month later I had a laparoscopy and had a large amount removed from my bowel and behind my womb. 3 months on and I am getting dragging pains again and my levels of tiredness are just ridiculous, I am feeling really emotional and getting strange symptoms (close to pregnancy) just before my period comes. I have been to the doctors and I have had hormonal blood tests but they have come back all normal and also the doctor said it's way too early for the Endometriosis to have grown back. So I guess my question is has anyone else had theirs grow back quickly and are these symptoms normal after 3 months since surgery? Struggling to get my head round it all and I have only been diagnosed and I find the information online is quite limited and I didn't really feel like the doctor had any answers for me.

Any help would be very much appreciated just to put my mind at rest. I have gathered that its a bit of a waiting game and nothing will be done until the pain gets worse. Thanks Jo x

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