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So Annoyed... Need to be referred to a specialist!


Referred to gynae for suspected endo 18 months ago, not an accredited specialist but gynae who's specialism is laparoscopic surgery and endometriosis ... had my diagnostic lap, but was carried out by a general gynae surgeon, not my consultant....she told me there was inactive endo, whatever that is supposed to be. My op was in April, finally got a follow up appt for Sept... absolutely no feedback in that time other than the inactive endo comment. Finally see my consultant who tells me i do have endo, gives me the choice of mirena coil or surgery, i choose surgery as he told me they would excise most of it and possibly have to ablate a few awkward spots but they should clear mist of it. Finally came in for my lap yesterday.......waste of time. Yet another surgeon,not my consultant. Surgeon tells me before the surgery that they will be ablating my endo... pointless as it will just come back. Go in for my lap and they have to abandon it as they tried inflating the peritoneum twice but the CO2 was spreading throughout my body, levels got so high they had to abandon surgery and keep me in overnight for observation! Best part, surgeon came to me after and said i have options.... 1. As apparently i only have small spots of endo (her assessment is based on pics from surgery a year ago) i could medically manage it... been on the pill for 16 years anyway. 2. After asking if i want to start a family, to which i answered yes, were planning on later this year after my surgeries etc, she told me i didn't need to have the surgery i could just start trying as pregnancy suppresses endo! To which i replied, i would prefer not to come of contraception until i know what is going on. She did not look impressed. She then stated her secretary would be in touch to discuss appt dates and whether i want ro give the surgery another go! Moral of the story.... fight for referral to someone who knows what they are talking about and where you will have consistency of care. I no longer know what to believe.

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Bloody hell, these doctors have a lot to answer to, are you now going back to GP to request a referral again, I would,

Keep fighting until you get to see the right person,

It's a joke, you need to see a specialist how hard is that fir them to understand,

Good luck xxx

MrsB13 in reply to Tboag

I am going back to my gp next week and requesting refferal ro the nearest bgse centre. I have tried it their way now I am going to demand to see someone who knows what they are dealing with!

Thank youxx

JeanOsborne in reply to MrsB13

Good luck

Tboag in reply to MrsB13

Good for you, be adement and take a list of the BSGE centres, and the nhs contract that states endo should be dealt with at a BSGE centre,

My GP didn't even know about the contract nor the BSGE centres, it's a nightmare,

Good luck, let me know how you get on. X

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