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In agony

So it's that dreaded time of the month. My build up is like a week before I start becoming in a lot of pain but the day my periods start that's it pains on another level, I can't even move as the pains in my lower back are unreal, I feel like such a terrible mother as I can't even big my 13 month year old baby up! I was picked up by ambulance on Friday and taken to a&e and they sent me home with cocodrymal and naproxen, waiting for another referral as all consultant wanted me to do was to have the coil as she didn't really wanna do laparoscopy because of complications! Seriously had enough j dread to wake up for 2 weeks of the month and that's not me!! This poxy illness is taking over my life, has anyone got any advice on stronger painkillers then I'm taking as I feel like they don't work

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