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Endo? Stress? What now?

I am currently on the Nuvaring. Since about March 2015 (was on the ring then too and have been on it for like 3+years) I have been bleeding in-between changing my rings. I have cramps and pain and soreness. I don't get why I am bleeding. Once, I bled for a month straight!!

I know you're probably thinking, "Go to a doctor woman!", but I have. I have gone to my gyro three times for this. The first time I was told it was most likely a hormonal imbalance, but I'd have to be off the ring for two weeks and come back for him to know for sure.

The second time I went I was advised that it was most likely because my cortisol levels were too high. He never did testing or anything to check me out. My primary is a moron and thinks I just make this crap up.

Lastly, I went for a third time to my gyno and was told my endometriosis was just out-of-control and it was time for my third surgery within 5 months (2 for Endo, 1 for an emergency appendectomy).

So, I have this high tech robotic surgery and feel like nothing has changed. Oh wait, that's because nothing has!! Thousands of medical bills later, I am stuck in the same situation. I feel just that, STUCK!

This website is AMAZING and I'm sure at least some of you lovely ladies have been in this same situation. I'm sick of getting the runaround and I am at my wits end. If anyone has experienced this same, wonderful experience, please share. If you know what the cause is, or have any ideas, please, please, please share. My guess is hormonal imbalance, but please share any ideas.

Thank You!



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