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Hi ladies I had internal and abdominal scan done start January and got verbal results saying didn't see anything to worry about a couple of small cyst but this could be my periods but I have to wait to they send me results in writing I haven't had a proper period since November I spotting 3 days in Dec and also about an hour after my internal scan I spotted for a day or two I only have left ovary due to oopheretomy in 2007 to remove ovarian cyst and ovary I am still in pain tummy so bloated and they keep pushing for coil until I can loose some weight for lap can anyone give me advice as too what use think x

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Don' let the Doctor brush you off if the scan doesn't show any endo. Scans rarely show endo. Mine just showed cysts and fibroids but my GP recognised that scans don't often show endo and referred me to a gyne anyway. My lap showed endo in the PoD, on both ovaries, uterus, bladder and appendix so do insist on a referral.

Good luck. I hope you get some help soon xx


I agree with Vickal. Ask your doctor for more to be done! I had an ultrasound scan of my abdomen and a transvaginal one to look at my ovaries, both showed nothing abnormal. A few days later I spent a night in A&E on morphine for the pain. I think im overweight (or rather obese if you check my BMI out!!!) and I have a lap the end of the month. Keep going to the doctors, they get bored of seeing you eventually!

Good luck!


As the others have already said - I would really push for a referral. My transvaginal scan and blood tests showed polycystic ovaries but didn't show endometriosis. Once I'd had a referral my gynaecologist said I needed a laparoscopy.

I had my laparoscopy three weeks ago, they found endometriosis and managed to do quite a bit of treatment. At least I now have an answer and diagnosis. My BMI is classed as overweight but it didn't seem to get in the way!! - Keep going back and asking for your referral :)


Hi it was my gynaecologist that sent me for scans and has now sent me letter saying results where okay and they will send me an appointment out to go in and get mire and fitted , which I don't want he said last time as my bmi was 49 which is obese no one will do a lap on me I'm so fed up I don't feel like I'm human I can hardly do anything with pain and can't be close to my husband as I'm in agony and tired and so self conscious , my husband is so under standing xi feel like I'm on 28 yrs old and can get on with my life .


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