Bone pain with zoledex ?

Hi, hope everyone's ok? I wanted to enquire does anyone experience bone pain. I have my lap 7 weeks ago where a number of procedures was carried out. I was commenced on Zoledex after my surgery, I have had two courses at the time it was decided no hrt should be issued as add back. When I had my second Zoledex I informed the nurse about my bone pain, the pain is all over in my wrist, ankles, kneck, elbows it often gets worse throughout the night. Walking can be painful. I have commenced Livial 2.5mg to hopefully ease these symptoms. I'm still waiting for improvement. I'm beginning to think I was better off before my surgery, because I have so many bad days. I take cod liver oil, vit b, vit d, calcium and vit c as my bones feel terribly sore and painful. Can anyone provide advice, have you experienced similar?


Mandy x

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Sorry to hear your suffering. I have bone pains in my both my wrists, my neck, my spine, lower back and hips. I'm due for a bone scan to see how brittle or if my bones are thinning. I have been told it could be carpol tunnel, so I'm having nerve conducting test done which is tomorrow morning.

I'm due to have Zoledex injections for 3 months, not looking forward to having them as they didn't help me 4 years ago as my Endo was so aggressive.

The doc did mention something else which I can't remember what it was called and might need an op on my spine if physiotherapy doesn't work on me.

I think my bone pains are due to not eating properly for the last 6 years due to Endo pains, and me lacking in vit D and calcium due to celiac disease.

I'm currently on morphine patches to with the bone pains and Endo pains and adhesions pains.

Have you asked your doc if you have carpol tunnel? Ask for a bone scan next time you see your GP.

Hope you get your answers. Please do let me know what you find out.


Thanks for your advice, I hope everything goes well for you. Keep in touch I'm due to see my consultant in March so I will enquire what the next step is.


Mandy x

Your welcome and thank you. I will keep in touch.

Good luck with your appointment in March.

All the best.


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