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I'm pregnant but still having endo pains.. is this OK?


Hi I have just fount out im pregnant. . It's early days so don't want get my hopes up to much. I have never been pregnant an always thought that I would never have kids due to endo. Obvs I'm over the moon but I'm also scared. I have no idea what to do next? Please can some mum's out there advice me on what I should be doing and who do I contact first I. E.. the council, docs, work? And do I have to go into the jobcentre and get things sorted.. if so what things? Thanks ladies xxxx

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Aw wow, congratulations, I bet you are over the moon, firstly are you taking folic acid if not, start taking, secondly go gps and they will sign u over to midwifery, you will then get an appointment, it's changed loads since I gad my youngest who is 11. So hopefully someone else might tell you time line,

Just take it easy, I don't think you need to tell work yet, but not sure when you should, depends if your work will need to change any,

Good luck xxx

Congratulations! Some people have complete lack of Endo symptoms in pregnancy, some don't see a massive reduction in pain symptoms but most do to some extent. It differs between individuals as the extent and severity of Endo differs. I found most of my pain went away by 12 weeks. Bear in mind in early pregnancy you may have cramps and pain due to you womb growing and ligaments stretching - particularly with pre existing Endo/prior scarring from surgery. It should settle down. You will also feel fatigue and probably nausea which is all normal.

You need to go and see your gp, tell them you're preg and give them the date your last period began - they will then contact the hospital of your choice and get you 'booked in' for a scan and 3hr appointment at 12 weeks.

You can get scans done earlier if you wish but you have to go privately.

I'd recommend getting 'what to expect' it is a fab book and will fill you in on everything!!

Babycentre and what to expect apps are good on your phone. Sign up to tesco and boots baby clubs and Emma's diary for freebies and advice. Can be handy to be on mailing lists for various baby shops.

Most importantly follow these guidelines


Re. Work


This will help with the money side of things


Lots of luck, remember to take it easy and just read away at things, you have plenty of time to get a handle on it all xx

Thank you so much ladies.. you really have put my mind at ease as I was worrying that these pains wernt normal. I have been signed off work for the last 3 months and I had a lap in December so this news was like woooooow! Lol. I'm just concerned that I'm going to struggle pain wise when back at work as I've already had so much time off and probably gonna get the sack soon! I'll see if they can change my shifts etc. Wondering if im better off financially working or not working lol as bad as that sounds. Thanks again guy's I will look into everything xxxxxx

You've taken off a decent amount of time to recover which will bode well. Provided you are recovered and surgery successful, you'd be unlikely to have very bad pain. If anything you'll find it decreases massively, pregnancy is the best hormone treatment I've had! You'll be tired and have poss nausea as I said, it feels like Endo a bit in the early weeks, but is just pregnancy. Google your rights re. Maternity leave - I think there's some info in that link i posted. Whether or not you can get maternity pay depends on a number of factors. Your employer has to make reasonable accommodations for you (such as changing shifts) if there's a risk to you. gov.uk/working-when-pregnan...


Alison, first of all my congratulations! Lucky lady you are)

Then the thing with your endometriosis is really not a good one. I suffered some of the dreadful symptoms of the disease during a long period of time. That was constant pain and usually painful intercourse. Unfortunatally my Endometriosis didn't give us the apportunity to conceive naturally after 2 years of trying. We had to get rid of it first to escape those pains and to get the chance of having a baby. But actually we didn't get that opportunity even having the surgery done. The reason was far deeper...

Anyway this is just unfair not to be able to enjoy the pregnancy in your case because some of the disease distractions. Docs usually insist on women's being treated first from any disease, then their pregnancy planning. But if it happened so, you should better go to your doc and find oou whether there are no risks to your and your baby's health. See, I don't wanna upset you anyway, but still you must be very attentive to your health now when there's a tiny creature on your board. I personally have passed a long infertility way struggling every spare minute. So wish you just exclude all negative possibilities if there are any.

Please go to your doc as soon as you can. Have my fingers crossed for you, dear xxx

Thank you guys this has really helped me. Karinyaa thanks for your reply.. I recently had a lap in December to remove endo from around one of my ovaries, so I have been treated before I fell pregnant but it could be as simple as missing a little bit or i could simply still be healing inside. I've had my assessment and they have ruled out ectopic pregnancy thank god.. I'm going back tommorow to have an early scan to find out how far along I am. It can't be far as like I said I only had an op in Dec. They did say that some women struggle with pains and stuff in the early stages and everyone is different. Thank you for all your advice it means alot. I will look into all the links you guys have sent me and I will keep u posted if u wish :) xxx

Hi huni I have had this for yrs and I have 4 children so u can have children it's more painful for some of us in always had them early as I can't hold them in for to long because of it but my Baber all safe and happy healthy kids. Don't worry to much be positive ur about to be a mummy part of mummy's job is beinging positive from the start I wish u all the best huni . I have to say I did lose 24 but I never let it stop me so if things don't work out pls don't give up I never did hugs xxxx

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